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Creative Methods of Cooking with Spirits

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bottles of whiskey

If you find that you have accumulated too many spirits in your liquor cabinet from parties or gifts, instead of trying to drink it all in a short burst or leaving it to go to waster, the better (and healthier) use is to cook with it. In this blog post, we are going to take a closer look at a few of the clever ways that you can cook with spirits to make some tasty dishes. Bottoms up!

Create Sauces with Flavour

One of the most common ways of cooking with spirits is to simmer them with other ingredients like stock or butter to add a little more flavour to your sauces. For example, a bourbon or whiskey glaze works perfectly as a sauce to season your steak. Perhaps you could create a rum sauce which you drizzle over some jerk chicken or pork. You could even enrich your pasta sauce with a spirit such as vodka. Don’t go overboard as you don’t want it to totally overpower the dish.

Marinate Your Fruit

Whole or sliced fruit can be marinated in alcohol to elevate their flavour levels. Just a couple of the popular fruit and liquor combinations include apples with brandy and peaches with rum. You can enjoy the fruit on its own, over ice cream or even paired with rich meats such as duck. Remember that thin-skinned fruit such as berries are more likely to soften too much when they set in alcohol compared to hard-skin produce such as figs.

Mix it with Dough

kneading dough

If you are making a pie, vodka is highly useful as it prevents the dough from drying out, as well as making it easier to knead. Make sure that it is well-chilled before you add it to the dry ingredients as this will allow the butter in the dough to stay cold so that the crust can maintain its shape. As for another creative use, check out this page which shows Fireball whiskey made into bagels. You probably never imagined that cooking with spirits could be done this way!


Lighting your food on fire really makes you feel like you are a proper chef in a high-end kitchen. The act of flambéing your food cooks out the alcohol quickly to leave you with an intense flavour. The best spirits to use for this method of cooking are the darker ones such as brandy, cognac and rum. You are bound to impress your guests with your culinary skills when they see you cooking like this!

Glazed Over

Adding spirits to many foods can be done in the form of glazing – perhaps brushing over meat or drizzling over sweet dishes. Add some bourbon to your barbecue sauce and glaze it over your chicken drumsticks. Enrich a pork tenderloin with some apple brandy glaze. Essentially, this is your opportunity to get a little creative in the kitchen and maybe unlock a flavour that you had never sampled before!

Work It!

Healthy Harold Wash your hands

I started work on Monday :) Yay! One of my sites in in the Life Education hub site for Newcastle, and Happy Healthy Harold is everywhere! He’s in the bathrooms, in the kitchen, and greets me as I walk into the centre!

Healthy Harold

There’s also very 90s health tips and inspirational quotes from people who competed in the Olympics in the 80s. I’m motivated!

What are drugs? Health Harold Life Education

I’ve also managed to pick up this blast from the (much more recent) past (only 2002! about the era I was learning about swallowing difficulties at uni) and shared it with the author :)

aspiration and swallowing difficulties

I’m getting picked up for casual shifts, and have my first Sunday shift (woo! penalty rates!) this weekend :) It’s possible I won’t get paid before Xmas, but still, I’ma working and earning my own money!

How was your week?

Smirnoff Wine Coolers…. wait??? that’s not Vodka!

smirnoff wine coolers

These drinks do taste nice, the passionfruit is just like an alcoholic tasting passiona, but I’m a little bit cynical about the reasons to not use vodka in your drinks and instead make a wine based cooler, ESPECIALLY if you are, like, an international vodka company like Smirnoff. When the federal government raised the “alcopops” tax to try to stop teenagers getting wasted on stolli lemon ruskies, a bunch of wine based, and thus less tasty, but cheaper and still prone to be drunk by teens, came onto the market. And kids learned to drink wine other than Passion Pop, in order to still get drunk under or just on age without breaking the bank. And they kept buying UDLs, because they like them.

… but there needed to be an acknowledgment that that simply raising taxes on pre-mixed alcohol products was a ridiculous strategy to try and cure society’s inebriated ills. In isolation, it was a cynical measure that insulted those who do not have an issue with alcohol consumption, particularly the consumption of pre-mixed products, and one which was simply shifting the focus of binge-drinkers onto straight spirits and wine-based products.

Bradley Woods
CEO Australian Hotels Association (WA), May 2013

So, I’m pleased that these drinks have evolved now to a point where they’re drinkable .. ie no weird taste or aftertaste, and just taste like their vodka and mixer equivalents, like Passiona, Lemon lime solo and something berry sweet… and I quite like these ones. But I’m still a little cynical about the whole idea of “taxing” the kids out of the drinking game by just upping the mixed drinks tax.

Oh, and they’re pretty potent for their RRP of $14.99 for 4 (from small bottlos only)

smirnoff electric citrus wine cooler standard drinks

HeadsUp Relief Hangover Prevention – Win!

Headsup hangover relief

It’s party season!

(or Friday, up to you)

So you’re likely to have a few more than usual….

And, wake up feeling it, because, none of us are 19 anymore.

We try different things, hair of the dog, diet coke and bbq chicken, blue Gatorade (HAS to be blue)

Here’s something else to try – HeadUp Relief.

Four (rather large – poor Bruce had a little trouble swallowing them) pills of vitamins, taken before bed, to help your body deal with the alcoholic onslaught.

I’d recommend more water with them than I had, but wanna try them yourself?

Lemme know YOUR sure fire hangover cure (seriously, I need more ideas!) and you could win some of these babies to try. Along with a stubby holder and bottle opener to encourage the drunking! Yay! (2 winners, gonna be in Australia)

(and a hat and a squishy brain stress ball to throw at anyone who irritates you mid-hangover)

Use the Rafflecopter. Closes Dec 17 so you have it for Xmas :p

a Rafflecopter giveaway

On why I can’t drink at the moment

It would be great if I could stop at one.

A social glass of wine. Sipping slowly, to make a toast.

But my head doesn’t stop me at one.

It goes “oh hey, that’s relaxing, I’m not so freaked out any more by this social situation. Let’s have another!”

But 2 then won’t stay at two for long.

Which is okay when I’m in a great headspace.

And I just become a hyperactive social butterfly.

So many hugs given out.

But it hasn’t worked that way this year.

Too much Emo for that.

Click here for more graphics and gifs!

And so.

I need to step back.

Take hold of that sparkling mineral water with the slice of lemon.

And say no to that first glass of wine.

Because I’m awesome anyway. Don’t need to drink for that to be so.


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