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Chocolate Almond Breeze Milk (with bunny ears and video)

2013marchapril 416

Just before easter, I received a parcel with some cute blue bunny ears in it. There was also some nuts… and a carton of the new chocolate almond breeze. I think this is the part of the box they really wanted me to write about.

2013marchapril 436

So, here were go.

Apparently it’s got 48 calories per serve???? (of course, check the nutrition panel on the side, and it says 120 calories per serve, which is 250mL. LIARS). Ah that makes more sense given how sweet it tastes (48 calories is a meagre 100 mL serve)
Girl. Read the reading tlist they send you with these things. All the new boxes will have the proper serving sizes marked (250mL) for Aussie consumers. :)

How does it taste? Sweet. Like chocolate yogo (actually more like snakpak!!) Just like chocolate milk without the taste of dairy. Yes, I’d drink it, but probably needs to be really cold to be best (perhaps served with ice?)

Searching for a latte substitute #caffeinefreephona

There’s only so much herbal tea one can drink in a day. So, in search of a milky fix, without caffeine, I’ve headed down the path of cinnamon.


So this morning, I’m drinking hot almond milk, with a tsp of brown sugar and a few shakes of cinnamon.

And it’s doing the trick :)

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(I was sent a couple of cartons of the unsweetened and original Almond Breeze to try out. I think the unsweetened will end up being better for on cereal, but the sweet original one works well with more sugar and cinnamon ;) Though I suppose it didn’t actually NEED the sugar :p)

And with that I’m going dark for the weekend! Seeya Sunday night! xx

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