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My awesome (huge) phone – the Samsung Galaxy Note

So, I won this from Mrs Woog with the most inane comment ever:

And I’m, to use the words of Justin Norris, stoked. (Bogan, hey? Yeah, takes one to know one :p)

I don’t use the stylus much, but I love the purrrty screen, and it’s so android and awesome.

And yes, its big, but I carry bags, so I so don’t care. :)

And I’ve been letting people choose their own ringtones… Whatcha reckon for Rish? ;)

I’m still in love with Shirley.

Yet another Android user

So, I’ve joined the legion of Android users – finally updated my phone and got the HTC legend.

Of course, I now need advice on apps. What do you use? What sucks? What do you use for twitter, for facebook, for everything else? What do I HAVE to download NOW because OMGI’LLDIEWITHOUTIT?

Thanks in advance :)


  1. Director :: in charge
  2. Operation :: blood
  3. 30 minutes :: appointment
  4. Bald ::head
  5. Calls :: me up
  6. Distant :: relatives
  7. Lightweight :: drinking
  8. Difficult :: situations
  9. Half dozen :: eggs
  10. Boss :: ing me around

(and that’s Week 429)

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