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Fourteen Years

Another year has gone. That makes 14 years since watching the Xmas lights, getting bitten by mozzies, and curling up together at Brian’s. 14 years. A huge year again this year. Different cities. Awesome highs and hellish lows. Lots to take on, to end. Moving. Growing up (???). Growing together. While apart. Sharing so much.…

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It’s been a long, hard year, but we’ve made it through. Through the laughter, through the tears, frustrations. Through your thesis! and the other uni work. Through our issues. Through love, through life. How is it we’ve put up with each other all this time? How is it we’ve grown up together and still love…

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It’s our anniversary… eleven years since the sweet little 15 year olds that … well we may have been, memories always gloss things over… 11 years since I succumbed to Rish’s charms. And we’re seriously stronger than ever. To celebrate… once we get going for the day (had a late one last night… dancing in…

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