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Top Things that You Need to Know Before You Travel to Australia

Collaborative Post Australia really is one of the most incredible and diverse areas in the world. It may look small, but it is actually the 6th largest country. It is bigger than all European countries put together and it has just as much to offer as well. Road Trips are Hard If you want to…

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Staying Healthy While Visiting Australia

Collaborative Post If you have booked your dream holiday to Australia, you are no doubt feeling excited! However, while holidays are incredible, there is just one problem: they interfere with our fitness goals. If you made a pledge to be healthier in 2018, and you are worried your trip to Australia is going to set…

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The Top 5 Countries For Wildlife Holidays

Collaborative Post Travel might be a fantastic opportunity to see jaw dropping vistas to experience cultures that you might otherwise zero exposure to. But it’s important to remember who we share this Earth with as we globe-trot, as well. For that reason, we’re going to take a look at some of the single best countries…

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Today’s the day where Australia gets to start to catch up with the rest of the world by officially recognising past injustices that were on so many levels, from 1:1 racial slurs and ill treatment to laws and policies deliberately classing, and treating, the indigenous populations as “Flora and Fauna”. While you can’t address every…

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