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Happy Hottest 100 Day

aka Australia Day,
aka Invasion Day.

However you spend it, make it a good one. Take care on the roads! I know I’ll have to, as I’m just about to set out from Canberra to Newcastle. At least I’ll be in range of Triple J for the 9am and beyond part of the journey! What are you all up to?

Wll be in Newie for the long weekend, back to Canberra on Monday afternoon… with all the other holiday traffic! Have a bbq (Au day/hottest 100) then dinner with the family… possibly wedding arrangement stuff again.. I’ll see if I can get a say in the table placements! :p Plus I’ll find out what colour I shoud be doing my toesnails (I’m thinking to go with the bouquet/posy?) and whether I’ll need to start thinking accessories or if someone’s figures that out for me!

Leaving you with the question that someone found there was here with yesterday: Is it possible to have sex with a lioness?

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