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Dance, Magic (Accessories Post – Tijuana Cartel, 1st Feb)


Went to see Tijuana Cartel at the Oxford Art Factory again on Friday night. Got me some dancing in, and even wore appropriate shoes for the job, even if they did get soaked through walking from the Pitt Street mall to Oxford street. A little time under the hand dryers helped a little, but while I dried off, I did get told twice at the Colombian to put my shoes back on :p

cleavage ninja
Cleavage Ninja from Shana Logic

Hello Kitty Vans
Hello Kitty Vans

jan2013 621
Hello Kitty Bag

Hello Kitty
Hello Kitty Swarovski Earrings

hair stars
Twist in Hair Stars

and of course the sparkly nail stickers

jan2013 239

Impromptu Bloggy Meetup – Nine Dragons Sydney

On my walk home from work yesterday, I discovered that Veronica was in town… after a few messages, it was decided that I was to head into the city to meet up with her and Anne for dinner :)

Meriton Serviced Apartments, Kent Street

First stop, the Meriton Apartments on Pitt, where Kellogg’s were putting up Veronica and a couple of other bloggers ahead of an event today. The penthouse suite, nothing less :p

Meriton Serviced Apartments, Kent Street

Then we wandered down to Chinatown, past places I know, getting my Sydney bearings!!! :)

Nine Dragons

Nine Dragons was where we had dinner. I “needed” to have sang choy bau, so I was indulged ;) This was yum :)

Nine Dragons

We all went soup for dinner – mine the combination soup with rice noodles. It was nice, but I would have preferred to pay $10 rather than $20 for it!

Lovely night :) Anne offered me a lift home, which I took, and again, I remembered more landmarks and places on the way home :)

Birthday present from Rish - Crowded Teeth bag

And I was toting around my birthday present from Rish :) A Crowded Teeth bag :)

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