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Birthday sponge cake with Makka Pakka, Hello Kitty, Orange Frog

It was my birthday on Wednesday, the ripe old age of 33. Celebrated with a trip to the Pokolbin Vineyards and Tacos with the family. The Winery visits will be shared with you soon, but here’s my awesome birthday cake, with Makka Pakka, Hello Kitty and Random Orange Frog figurines /slash/ cake toppers added by the delightful little people in my life.

So, this Friday we have two lovely wines from the Angel Funded Naked Wines, which never fails to delight!

Andevine Cab Sav

The Andevine Hilltops Cabernet Sauvignon 2014 was a “bonus” for me this month in my case. Not the usual style we drink, but as soon as it was poured, it was a winner. I can’t always smell the spice or chocolate, but this had chocolate notes for sure! And went down just as well as chocolate ;)

Brian Fletcher Shiraz

Our other newbie this week was the Brian Fletcher Estate Western Australian Shiraz 2013, which was a suggestion based on my usual purchases from Naked, and I’m glad I slipped two into this order because it was well received with the Hunter Belle blue we were finishing off :)

Me at the winery

Tried any new wine lately?



And yes, I can believe it.


While the time has flown, you’ve grown into such a little girl – I think you were a toddler for a brief few months my little niece.

Ez and Li Sharing

You love your brother to an extreme, and he loves you back even if he does want a break sometimes!

Ez fashionista

You have an affinity for pink that is purely from within your glittery self!

xxxxxxxx Love you always!!!


What made me smile and instagram last month…

The sky on Monday

Colourful hairbands


The existence of Gluten Free Weetbix. Obviously not Wheat :p I’m yet to try them but I’ve been told that they don’t sog up as quickly ass regular weetbix and/but are good!

Wonderful Pistachios. Unsalted were the ones for me – less moreish that way! Mixed reception in this house to the sweet chili…. the traditional salted ones were as good as ever. (gifted)

My birthday!

Hello Kitty bday gifts!

What made your July smiley?


Sushi Revolution Darby Street

Bruce took me for sushi for my birthday dinner…. soooo many noms kept tempting me on the sushi train!

Sushi Revolution Darby Street
Sashimi to start!

Sushi Revolution Darby Street
This one had spice.

Sushi Revolution Darby Street
Chicken katsu

Sushi Revolution Darby Street
Prawn ship :)

Sushi Revolution Darby Street
Crunchy chicken

Sushi Revolution Darby Street
mmmm Edamame!! A good palate cleanser while I wait for more noms!

Sushi Revolution Darby Street
Fresh takoyaki (squid balls!)

Crab with strawberry chili sauce

Sushi Revolution Darby Street
Fresh tuna…. melty!

Sushi Revolution Darby Street
All washed down with a deliteful Milawa Brown Brothers Temparnillo. $17 from the Del Bottlo.

Sushi Revolution Darby Street
Rugged up for the road with my new beret from B’s mum, and of course the Bomber’s scarf!

Sushi Revolution.
1/ 97 Darby St. Cooks Hill NSW 2300.
(02) 4023 4477.


Birthday Arvo Tea @ Hippo
Cutest Babycinos Ever ($1 each)

Went for a late lunch /slash afternoon tea with the family for my birthday. Cupcakes and babycinos for the kids, cake and coffee for my Mum and sister, and meals for B and I because I couldn’t face cake, and hadn’t had lunch…

Birthday Arvo Tea @ HippoBirthday Arvo Tea @ Hippo
Cute Cupcakes

Birthday Arvo Tea @ Hippo
My awesome chicken burger – $18

Birthday Arvo Tea @ Hippo
The insides – chicken, tomato, cheese, lettuce, aioli, avocado

Birthday Arvo Tea @ HippoIMG_20140722_145625872.jpg
Bruce’s eggs benedict and slushy

Birthday Arvo Tea @ HippoBirthday Arvo Tea @ Hippo
Go Bombers!!!

Hippo Espresso
468 The Esplanade,
Warners Bay NSW 2282
(02) 4948 0800


It be my birthday tomorrow.

July 21, 2014

And aside from stuffing myself with silly with dumplings, I have GORGEOUS roses from Amanda and A Moto G from my parents *squees* Expect much better photos from now on! Much much better…. Arrrr me kitties… Adding this to my therapy wishlist!

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Birthday Dumplings @ Nan’s Dumpling Time, Hamilton.

July 20, 2014

OMG, so many dumplings. One thing about being a food blogger, and it being your birthday this week, is that you can easily talk your friendship group into gorging them self on dumplings in the interest of trying the new dumpling house in town. We ate SOOOOOOO many dumplings over a two hour period. Pork, […]

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31 – a rolling celebration of eating, drinking and being merry

July 28, 2013

I actually don’t have too many photos from my birthday celebrations, as I had a number of late nights, where my phone battery died before meal or home time. I can say it’a been a lovely week of turning 31, and surrounding myself with people who are awesomeness. Let’s start with a couple of days […]

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Amanda’s 30th Birthday Dinner at Silo, Honeysuckle Newcastle

September 19, 2012

Rocking the Blue and Green :) Another in the series of 30th birthdays, this time a Monday night in Honeysuckle. The chicken Two large tables, one table had their mains done, dusted and cleared before our table’s even came out! *jealous* The Beef Cocktails and wine flowing, and craft beers around. The Lamb The flash […]

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Phil’s 30th (On a Boat, Motherf%^$^#!)

September 5, 2012

Newcastle turned on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon for Phil’s 30th. Bobbing around for a few hours, eating finger food, and enjoying being on a boat. Happy Birthday Phil!!!!

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Family Birthday Lunch for Rish’s 30th

August 28, 2012

No, I’m not for lunch. Nor were the flowers. More like it! Mmmmm. Time for Birthday Pie!!! Lemon Meringue Lime and Lychee Strawberry Marshmallow Ten a piece. Sleepy Caterpillar?

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