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Planning out my week

Scheduled in my Bootcamp and @runningonline sessions for this week. Running Sunday, Wed, Fri. Bootcamp M, T, W. Saturday I EAT. Sun HOBART — Fiona. littlelioness (@phonakins) June 15, 2012 How is this not a plan? I have a few trips to the Central Coast and Sydney for appointments, Lady Gaga, and the Good Food…

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My someday has come

Ow ow ow. So sore in the quads and abs and SOMEWHERE in my arms from my first Bootcamp session yesterday morning! Yes. So I’ve started Bootcamp at the same time I’m starting the Up and Running 10k program. Progress, they say. Looks like my running gear is coming to Hobart next week and Canberra…

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It’s All About Me (diet and exercise journal)

Excited because my new It’s all about me journal came :) I had a couple of these and used them well to keep myself on track a couple of years ago, and this will totally help me to get back into it! Always nice to be accountable in some way. I’ll have this November/December/January period…

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10 minutes of HELL

*grins* Bootcamp this morning was short but fun. A one-on-one session, because noone else was there! After the warm-up, I did – 15 box jumps (up and down off a foot high step) 20 jumping pullups (from hanging to pulled up) 30 situps ?600m run 30 situps 20 jumping pullups 15 box jumps New stuff…

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