Mental Health Day / #mentalas / “Awareness”

So, I know many people are past the point of mental health “awareness” and just want something to be done. Personally, I watch docos like the ones that have been on the ABC this week out of personal (as a patient) and professional (as someone who work/ed/s in the field on mental health and disability) […]

Self Talk

Yesterday, in my psych session, it really felt like my psychologist was trying to cheer me on – pointing out the things I’m capable of doing in order to look after myself. Like, when I over-react to “getting things wrong”. Getting things wrong could be not heating the soup up enough, forgetting to bring the […]

First appointment with the disability employment peeps

The appointment this morning was stressful, but because of the whole having to meet a new person and trying to understand what was going to happen next. I’m with a Disability Employment Services provider which means they can help me in more tangible ways than the regular Job Services Australia people could – especially since […]

Giving you an out

I phrase my question to lead you to a certain response…. Instead of “What time will I see you tonight?” I go with “Are you still feeling up to tonight?” Just a slight difference. Leading you down the path of the rejection I’m waiting for. I get the answer I expect. “I don’t think I’d […]