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esc – calm in a can (+WIN a case of 12 cans)


What? it looks like and energy drink? And it’s meant to CALM me down rather than leave me hyped up all night on the dancefloor? AND it has 50 calories per can (which is like eating an apple), I can buy it online and it tastes reasonable?


Oh yeah, too hyper, let’s drink a can then finish this post.


So, this drink has Valerian in it, which is a mild herbal relaxant and has anti-anxiety properties. Usually found in the vitamin isle, Valerian tablets have gotten me to sleep many a stressful night, whether by their relaxant qualities or from me getting up, moving around, having a glass of water then going back to bed. I was never sure. But it got a diet coke addicted girl through uni. The other ingredient include chamomile and passion flower which are also well known as calming. Tryptophan is an amino acid, which is needed for the production of Serotonin (ie happy relaxy brain chemicals). Seems the perfect drink for an overhyped, anxiety-prone girl like myself ;)

This drink has a small amount of fizz, more like the amount in Berocca rather than a fizzy drink. The taste isn’t very strong. Like a weak tropical cordial. Seems like a good drink to have if you want something cold but calming before something big, like an interview or hot date ;)


Buy a case online for $28 with free shipping and discounts for bulk purchases! (Yep, stock up that work fridge to be able to throw one to your stressed out co-worker that had had three too many coffees this morning!)

<3 Want to win your own case of 12 cans of esc to try?

esc calm in a can

Well, leave a comment on this post letting me know your surefire relaxation tip, then complete the rafflecopter to enter. Extra entries for sharing on social media and liking ll.net and esc on Facebook :) Australian addresses only :)

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PS One month til my birthday! Donate to the Steve Waugh Foundation for me?

Fiona’s turning 30!

Mid-way through #caffeinefreephona – Plus WIN a Blossom Blends herbal tea hamper!

Blossom Blends Tea

So, I’ve made it half-way through my caffeine-free month! Only a couple of hiccups, I’ve had a small amount of green tea when I was away at Billabong Retreat during the tea ceremony (wasn’t NOT going to take part) and there is some question aver the levels of caffeine in Chai latte syrups. There’s WAY more sugar than anything else, so good thing I’ve not quit sugar ;)

Fiona’s turning 30!

Along the way, I’ve gotten to try some different caffeine-free substitutes, including the range of herbal teas from Blossom Blends.

Blossom Blends Tea

Anne, from Blossom Blends sent me some samples. This is the inspiration behind the venture:

Blossom Blends is a boutique tea purveyor that started out in the humble recipe draw of my Nanna Mac’s kitchen. Every Sunday my family would drive to the sleepy country village of Hanwood (Population 583!) to visit her, have a chat, and enjoy a cup of her much loved tea blends.

Nanna Mac would have nothing but the fine things in life and nothing was truer when it came to her tea, if it wasn’t up to scratch she wouldn’t have it! There is nothing but the finest herbs, flower and fruits that go into a tin of our tea and the blends themselves have been polished by a qualified naturopath to make sure that the original goodness and nutritive properties is there for all to share and enjoy.

The six blends are:
– Get Up and Go Go
– Time Out
– Body Beautiful
– On the Wagon
– Complexion Perfection
– A Little Pick Me Up

on the wagon tea

Of the flavours I’ve tried, I have to say that the On the Wagon and A little pick me up were my favourite two blends, must ave been the spearmint influence!!! :) (or the little flowers bobbing around :)

Blossom Blends tea can be bought through the Facebook page, Etsy store and now through Hard to Find for $17 per tin.

local honey
(enjoy with some local honey)

Or, of course, you can WIN a three pack like the one below here on this blog, worth $51, thanks to the generous Blossom Blends team :)

Blossom Blends Tea

Let me know which of the blends you’d most like to try in the comments section (all the ingredients are listed on the shop pages above), and fill in the Rafflecopter to enter. Extra entries are available for: liking Blossom Blends on FB, liking ll.net on FB and sharing the link to this comp in your networks. Entries close Friday June 22. Australian postal addresses only. Remember to fill out the Rafflecopter after you comment!

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Seriously, who doesn’t enjoy a chilled out cup of tea?

Naturally Caffeine-free Chai from RealChai

decaf Chai

So, you want the awesome flavours of Chai without the caffeine that comes with the black tea?

real Chai

Anthea from RealChai has a solution. Just package it up without the tea, and here to have a potent brew of Indian spices, great for winter warming, without the caffeine hit!


Simmer it away as per the directions with water and soy milk, then add honey to taste.

Yum! You can buy it online (along with regular and chocolate chai, as well as a Christmas blend at, well, Christmas), or at a bunch of awesome stores and markets in NSW and the ACT.


Cute and Kitch Coffee @ Frankies Place, Darby Street

Frankies Place, Darby Street

I love the coffee at Frankie’s place, on Darby street. Helps that it’s Campos, and that it’s served in the cutest surroundings.

Frankies Place, Darby Street

So even though I’m a third of the way through #caffeinefreephona I suggested we go there between an open house and lunch yesterday.

Frankies Place, Darby Street

(After, of course, sarcastically suggesting Gloria Jeans :p )

Frankies Place, Darby Street

The brewed chai tea was served with two T2 teabags for extra strength, and came out on a part of the Sesame Street library. I’m told it was nice, but they used a little bit too much water in the water to milk ration in the teapot.

Frankies Place, Darby Street

My chai latte, yummy on the Bonsoy (with a tiny teddy!)

Frankies Place, Darby Street

While we weren’t eating, they were still serving breakfast, even though it was close to 1pm. Gotta love an all-day breakfast menu!

Frankies Place, Darby Street

Just monkeying around…

Frankies Place Darby Street

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