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septr2102 074

Want to be well fed? Well, head to the Central Cafe in Gungahlin. So long as you like chips!

septr2102 072

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july2012 118

On my whirlwind few days in Canberra earlier this month, one of my catchups saw me trying the Burmese Curry Place for a $7 lunch near the bus interchange in Civic.

july2012 116

I had a melt in the mouth pork with a chicken and crunchy beans. It went down well! :)



YFA97G, no more :(

At least they weren’t ‘Feel the power of Canberra’ ones.


Fiona 270

Decided that, as I had enforced leave between Xmas and NYE anyway, I might as well head down to Canberra, a place I had never been during that period of time when I HAD lived there. Always part of the exodus.

Fiona 269

Fiona 272

Booked myself a lovely room at the Mantra on Northbourne. Top floor, nice view. King bed. HOT shower :)

Fiona 275

And walking distance from Civic. Which meant I could easily catch up with friends for dinner or drinks :)

Fiona 268

First stop was coffee with the darling Hannah to catch up on life.

Fiona 277

Dinner one night I caught up with Mike at Wagamama. Noodles! Sake!

Fiona 276

Even went and watched a movie. Must have been on holidays!

Fiona 278

Spent my middle day sitting in Glebe Park. Breathing. Relaxing. Chilling. Napping ;)

(I got sunburnt. In the shade! Bloody hell!)

Fiona 279

Stalked down Pia (ooh Wikipedia page) for a quick catch up at Gus’s.

Fiona 274

Of course, a few glasses of Canberra region wine were consumed ;)


Caph's Manuka

Was down in Canberra over the weekend for Uni – my last contact day of my Masters! I still have 3 assignments to go, but we’ll get to that in good time ;)

Caph's Manuka

It took me awhile to figure out the best way to eat my fruit salad, but it was yum (yummer with the honey that we had to remind them to give us)

Caph's Manuka

I’m told the croissants went well :)


Look at the purrties

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Milk and Honey Canberra


Cherry Blossoms Canberra

It sometimes takes moving away from a city to see some of the sights.

Chai at Adore Tea Canberra

Rish and I headed to Adore Tea at Gold Creek for a lovely afternoon of chai and jazz, at the suggestion of a friend we were staying with.

Chai at Adore Tea Canberra

Not super overwhelmed by the tea, but the atmosphere was lovely with live local music, blankets and hugs.

Chai at Adore Tea Canberra

Rish went the scones and jam

Chai at Adore Tea Canberra

I got some teas from there for my farewell gift, and the sleepytime tea is wonderful! :)


Last night was my work farewell dinner at Rama’s at the Pearce shops. My workmates came out in good numbers for the winter school holidays, and many smiles and hugs were shared.


Farewell dinner at Rama's
Delicious Spinach Balls

One of the girls served me a yummy plate.

Farewell dinner at Rama's

We stuffed ourselves on a banquet, no idea what the dishes were, I let others take care of that for me!

After dinner, one of the group gave a small thank you speech, and I got presents from Adore Tea!

Gifts from Adore Tea


And a cute little Kimmidoll from one of my friends


I’ll miss them, but have so much ahead of me! So excited!

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Curious Chocolatier Macarons

Just back from my last trip to the Old Bus Depot Markets as a Canberran… one last chance to browse the familiar stalls, sip a warm drink, and buy some macarons from The Curious Chocolatier

Curious Chocolatier Macarons

So many to choose from! Ended up with one of each, plus to pistachio, two slated caramel and two hazelnut to share with friends coming to dinner tonight :)

Curious Chocolatier Macarons

There was a fair queue at Jo’s Juice this morning… so many after the hot apple cider, hot lemon ginger and honey, and mulled wine

Jo's Juice at the Old Bus Depot Markets

Jo's Juice at the Old Bus Depot Markets