Hello Kitty tote from Amanda.


Hello Kitty Keyring from Rita


=^.^= mew?

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Skinny Dipping
Canberra Wine


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Liz(osaurus) is amazing.

how flat is your cat?

She tells the government what she wants.

She’s giving away an inflatable dinosaur.

She loves cats.

She says other things we’re all thinking.

And she’s organising the Little Bloggy Blood Drive on October 8. Join us?

Shanalogic Bday gifts to myself!

Reckon she’d like me in my cats ears when giving blood? :p

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I shall be celebrating the day packing up my desk at work.

If you wanna get me something, throw a couple of dollars towards my City2Surf Fundraising for the Steve Waugh Foundation.

And giggle at some kitties:

(29, if you’d like to know)

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The Cats of Bundanoon

January 25, 2011 · 5 comments

This post is dedicated to Liz :p

I went for a bit of a wander one morning through Bundanoon, and met some local cats, kids and garden gnomes. Fun times :)

Solar Springs Bundanoon, Jan 2011

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NewcastleXmas2010 399

There’s a cool white and black cat that lives at Ramjet, a clothing store on Darby Street, Newcastle. He’s cool! Sleeping away, not worried by the passers-by!

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I have a million photos from Beechworth and had an excellent time on the weekend – it’s great to get away just the two of us before xmas madness begins. My body wasn’t too happy by Sunday night with the nibbles of cakes, tastings of wine, snippets of cheese and the like that I subjected it to for the benefits of my tastebuds!

Beechworth Bakery

(Let alone the extra I just eat at this time of year! It’s okay though, and there are heaps of free weight loss sites, challenges etc, where I can lose weight in the future because of time zones :p Does anyone pay for these sorts of sites anymore??)

Milawa Cheeses

One more day of work! Psyching myself into heading there now. Lots of stats to complete before the deadline, and all these new referrals to put on the wait list. I think everyone just realised that it’s the end of the year, and they have a pile and list of to-dos, like making referrals, to get done before they too go on leave!

Cat at Gundagai Maccas

The quietness though of the office is good and bad – do you find this too that there’s an ‘optimal’ amount of stuff going on around you to get a good amount of work done?

Anyway, off to tackle the to-do list. Then Time Off! Yay!

(blogging about the weekend proper will come. In time!)

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Melbourne New Smiggle skin

I love Smiggle Skins, it was about time I got a new one after having a naked phone for a few weeks!

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Newcastle Cats

September 1, 2010 · 5 comments

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Tiniest cats ever

Sent in a parcel from Rish’s parents “just because”, these little guys are about as tall as my pinky fingernail is long. I’m thinking they will need to be blu-taked down in order to not get lost… they must be very lucky!

They made me smile (and squeal a lil)

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