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Ahh Vienna. Rish and I flew there straight from Frankfurt. We’d originally planned to spend time there with friends, but bag snatching and subsequent lack of passport put and end to that :( We got some cheap flights to Vienna with Niki – a discount airline, where the hostesses wore pink hats and grey blazers,…

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Chocolate I can eat

So far, so good, anyway. We may have a little victory in the search for a cane sugar-free, dairy free chocolate that doesn’t have a laxative effect or taste like ew. Loving Earth produce a range of raw chocolate bars that are dairy-free dark chocolate and sweetened with Agave syrup. They’re vegan and also gluten…

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Is it still chocolate?

On the quest to till be able to eat yummables without nasty things happening inside of me, I’ve been trawling the “health food” aisles… can’t do health food stores yet, aisles will be my starting point. There is so much out there now for gluten free! A few years ago when I’d heard of such…

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