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Gluttony @ Newy Burger Co

Newy Burger Co has moved west along Hunter Street, and is now inside The Cambridge Hotel, but they are still selling their awesome burgers, chips and desserts, delighting the locals.

Newy Burger Co

“Date Night” (aka my sennalink day) saw us glottoning down on these, waiting for the storm to come in. Above you’ll see Bruce’s Bar Beef Burger ($10). Bruce describes this as a “supreme BBQ cheeseburger experience” with its amazing patty and spicy jalapeno white sauce.

Newy Burger Co

The innards of the Bar Beef Burger. Noms.

Newy Burger Co

I went the “Stocko” ($10) – chicken, coleslaw, cheese, rocket and aoli. Quality ingredients to make this the only burge on the menu you can’t get gluten free.

Newy Burger Co

Stocko money shot – *drool*

Newy Burger Co

We talked ourselves into the “Dirty Fries” ($8) that were on the special menu last week – chips with two cheeses, bacon, cajun spices. So very naughty!

Newy Burger Co

We washed all that down with an Apple cider and an Asahi from the bar ($14 total)…. before psyching myself up to gorge down the Jersey Milk Soft-serve of the week – a well balanced salted caramel ice cream with Belgian Waffle bits and chocolate sauce ($6)

Newy Burger Co

See that topping? Looks like a puppydog in a food coma, I’m told. Which is how I felt at the end!

Newy Burger Co
Inside The Cambridge Hotel
789 Hunter Street Newcastle West
Wednesday & Thursday 4pm-9pm,
Friday & Saturday 12pm-9pm,
Sunday 12pm-8pm.

Google #CityExperts “Sampling Sydney” Event

Google #cityexperts event - Sampling Sydney

So, Google managed to lure me out of hibernation and down to Sydney for one of their #CityExperts events last week at the Cell Block Theatre.

Google #cityexperts event - Sampling Sydney

Google #cityexperts event - Sampling Sydney

I’m fairly certain the main idea is to liquor us up, have some fun, and get us posting reviews through Google plus so that we can help pad out their reviews list.

Google #cityexperts event - Sampling SydneyGoogle #cityexperts event - Sampling Sydney
The West Winds gin cocktails – I think they were with grapefruit which made for a very citrussy evening! You can get the less premium one at Dan Murphy’s for about $55 a bottle.

Which they successfully did, with Gin, Beer and Cider sampling, getting to know you networking bingo, and the fun of making a jar of preserved lemons to take home and show off.

Google #cityexperts event - Sampling SydneyGoogle #cityexperts event - Sampling Sydney

The lemon preserving was offered by Cornersmith which is a picklery and cafe in Marrickville. They offer courses in preserving fruits and veges, breadmaking and more.

Google #cityexperts event - Sampling Sydney

Google #cityexperts event - Sampling Sydney

Google #cityexperts event - Sampling SydneyGoogle #cityexperts event - Sampling Sydney

There was also sampling of their pickles throughout the evening…. I was fascinated with the sweet spiced pickled grapes – very much the taste of your sweet spiced gherkins, but with a grape texture! I’d love to give these a go one day!

Google #cityexperts event - Sampling SydneyGoogle #cityexperts event - Sampling Sydney
Geddit? Sydney-Cider? :p

We were provided with foam letters to exchange for cider and beer from Sydney Brewery…. to me, this meant much cider – it was actually bottled that DAY!

All in all, I had a fun evening, I think I’ll try to get my review numbers up on Google so I get invited to another day or night out, but we’ll see how far my enthusiasm extends!

Til then, I can’t wait for my lemons to preserve so I can use them in my Moroccan Lamb!

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Ciderlicious – The Hop Factory, Darby Street

Matso's Lime and Ginger

Even though I’m not a beer drinker, there’s plenty of yummy options at The Hop Factory for a lazy Sunday afternoon drink.

Caught up with some friends on the weekend, because one is off north for her final year of uni, and got to taste this delicious Matso’s Lime and Ginger cider. A wonderful summer taste, given I was tossing up between it and the three ginger beers on the menu, it had enough ginger for me :)

The Hop Factory Darby Street Cheese Platter $18

A cheese platter and some live cover music (a guy with an acoustic guitar covering a very wide range of tunes, including Come as you are, some John Butler, and a little Incubus!) made for quite a pleasant afternoon.

The Hop Factory
102 Darby Street
Cooks Hill NSW 2300
PH: 02 4929 4854

Sydney Good Food and Wine Show

Hobar2012 354 - Copy

I received my ticket to the Good Food and Wine Show from Chobani. It is, like, the most awesome Greek yoghurt out there. Seriously.

I was supposed to go with friends to the Good Food and Wine show. But they were sicked with the cold that’s been going around, and only let me know an hour before we were meant to meet *sadface* So, I was left to wander and sample on my own. Here are my thoughts…

Hobar2012 330 - Copy

Ahem…. Maybe I don’t share my thoughts on that pic ;)

Hobar2012 332 - Copy

Skinny Girl Cocktails were vamping it up, with skinny girls in mini skirts, and offering samples of their cocktails and also massages (not that I could be bothered waiting!). The Margarita was good. Ready to drink, with some rimming salt ;)

Hobar2012 331 - Copy

Hobar2012 327 - Copy

I dabbled in some Avocado oil. Hmmm… Think I’ll stick with Olive for the price…

Hobar2012 328 - Copy

There was a crapload of cider for sampling. Of which I tried none :(

Hobar2012 345 - Copy

I had a good chat to the people of Rowie’s Cakes about how great it was that they were supplying to the Qantas QFML and VGML range :) And their ANZAC bikkies were awesome.

Hobar2012 350 - Copy

Mmm Sake.

Hobar2012 351 - Copy

333s Gherkins and I go way back….

Hobar2012 352 - Copy

Can I have the Ritter Sport Bag?????? Please???

Hobar2012 340 - Copy

Then there was a stand that made me miss Hannah :/

Hobar2012 342 - Copy

Hobar2012 343 - Copy

Mmm Conscious Chocolate…

Hobar2012 341 - Copy

Hobar2012 334 - Copy

And coffee… Sweet sweet coffee…

Yummy Summer Drinks

As the weather heats up, we’re all looking for something more interesting than water, but not coke, to quench our thirsts with. Here’s a few I’ve tried recently…

GC Raw Juices. All with less than 10g of sugar per 100mL, these aren’t just ordinary fruit juices. They have veges too, without that vege taste :)

My fave was the Berry Burst with its sneaky beetroot juice (great for blood pressure), which I downed after a hot and humid run. Rish went the Citrus Crush which was a little like a breakfast juice, while my flatmate felt the Pine Punch was best served on a Friday afternoon with ice and vodka ;)

Coconut water

Next up, we have the box of C Coconut Water that arrived last week. A Sydney based company, bringing this drink to us, with no added sugar. Not to my taste, but Rish has been guzzling it!

Herrljunga apple and pear cider

Lastly, Herrljunga’s +46 Apple and Pear Cider. From sweeden, and for only $12 for a four pack from BWS this week, goes down a treat!

So tell me, what are your summer refreshments of choice?

The juices were received from Soup to review, the Coconut water was won, and the cider was bought on a whim

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