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How To Clean and Tidy a Repossessed Home

Collaborative Post If you have a property that is vacant, or if you have been to a property auction and you have gotten a great deal on a repossessed property then you will understand how much work needs to be done. You’ll need to give the property a good clean and you will also need…

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Harpic Bathroom Products – Giveaway

I received a number of Harpic products as samples During the massive storms last month, along with floods, massive high tides, and branches coming down all over the place, our sewerage system got a little backed out – things were not draining properly, sinks and toilets threatened to overflow, and the sewerage drains in the…

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Jif is awesome, particularly in spray form! (GIVEAWAY)

Yeah, you know I’m not a domestic goddess. I’ve always been the cooker and not the dishwasher. I’ve even been banned from doing my partner’s washing in the past (too many tissues getting through my sorting) Which is why I like easy things – and this OMO and Jif are certainly easy options! Jif and…

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