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Not the City 2 Surf

Got back to trying to improve my 5km time today. I’ve had a couple of treadmill sessions since coming back, but both were more interval training pace and fitness rather than trying to get my distance going. I was meant to do the run outside, around Lake Burley Griffin, but with reports of snow this…

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Lace me in

Had a disasterous afternoon shopping with Rish yesterday. Hating everything I tried on, hating sizings, hating that I can’t be a more common bra size, wishing I was just looking for shoes… but it has all motivated me today. So what, I couldn’t fit nicely into the size twelves I was trying on in dresses…

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Let's Play Pretend

Do you ever find role-playing to be a good learning tool? (in the non-sexual sense. role playing can teach alot, particularly if I play the role of ‘teacher’ Miss Fiona with cane in hand…) I remember having to do it through uni – ‘Okay Amanda, now you pretend to be a stuttering client, and Fiona…

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