I actually don’t have too many photos from my birthday celebrations, as I had a number of late nights, where my phone battery died before meal or home time. I can say it’a been a lovely week of turning 31, and surrounding myself with people who are awesomeness.


Let’s start with a couple of days before, my dear chronically Femme Bronwyn was selling her Galaxy Tab….. and since I couldn’t find a reason not to (aside from my current financial situation) I bought it from her. She offered me Gin and Tonic, and a pillow unicorn as sweeteners to the deal…


Couple of days before my birthday, I had some plans fall through, so ended up watching Seven Psychopaths with Mic, and going out for a lovely brekkie at Chaddies in New Lambton Sunday morning.

Chaddies french toast with bacon

Chaddies big breakfas

Next was the Newtown Drinks version of my birthday – Drinks on the roof at Zanzibar, till it got too cold and we had to shift inside to the deer hunter room with the pool tables.

big buck hunter

vodka and soda

Somewhere in there, Neko started reading to us, and demanding we head for Thai for dinner.

te hana

I did question where one was to actually find a Thai restaurant in Newtown, because there is NOWHERE to get Thai, or frozen yoghurt for that matter, on King Street ;)

neko reads

entree newtown thai

Six of us ended up at Newtown Thai, selected the basis of them being quiet and wouldn’t mind us stuffing around while we waited for a couple of extra, but delightful, boys to show up ;)

hot chip nachos marly

Next stop, the Marly (Marlborough) which has this weird indoor garden, complete with fake grass, remodel thing going on. The above nachos made with hot chips were consumed, and hugs and smiles exchanged.

Sleep was found,a nd my birthday breakfast of a meat pie and diet coke found around midday at Macquarie University train station.

bday breakfast pie and diet coke

Sadly, i left the gift of a Hello Kitty shower cap behind in Macquarie Park, but my habit of leaving things behind just means I need to find time to see people again :)


Where next? Off to Hippo to have coffee and cake with my family and with Bron. The kids ran around like crazy, I got more hello kitty gifts…



Including some of the VERY newly released Hello Kitty for Target underwear!!!


From there, it was off to Schnitzel night at the Warners Bay Hotel…. mine had Nachos!

nacho schnitty

Aside from that, there’s been bikkies from my boss, and <3 arm warmers from Stu... and well as many hugs and general awesomness.



Thank you to everyone who made turning 31 utterly awesome. xoxox


And We Begin

April 20, 2013 · 0 comments

The Spot, Beaumont Street Hamilton
I need a coffee. Fortunately this one from The Spot in Hamilton was really good.

So, I’ve started the much awaited therapy program. Two intense individual sessions a week, using the Conversational Model. For 14 months. Meep.

The Conversational Model of psychotherapy was devised by the English psychiatrist Robert Hobson, and developed by the Australian psychiatrist Russell Meares. Hobson listened to recordings of his own psychotherapeutic practice with more disturbed clients, and became aware of the ways in which a patient’s self – their unique sense of personal being – can come alive and develop, or be destroyed, in the flux of the conversation in the consulting room.


The development of the self implies a capacity to embody and span the dialectic of ‘aloneness-togetherness’ – rather than being disposed toward either schizoid isolation (aloneness) or merging identification with the other (togetherness). Although the therapy is described as psychodynamic, and is accordingly concerned to identify activity and personal meaning in the midst of apparent passivity, it relies more on careful empathic listening and the development of a common ‘feeling language’ than it does on psychoanalytic interpretation.


The Conversational Model, which has been manualised as Psychodynamic-Interpersonal Therapy,[2][1] has been subject to outcome research, and has demonstrated effectiveness in the treatment of depression,[3] psychosomatic disorders,[4] self-harm, and borderline personality disorder.[5][6]

So, ;earning to accept and deal with emotions, and try to get to my identity as ME, not as me in relation to another person, or the identity moulded for what I think another person wants me to be.

I said that I’d really love to get rid of the paralysis that comes with wanting to say the right thing, do the right things, in order to be the person I think I’m expected to be, we’ll see how we go.

Hai there, I’m Fiona. Let’s figure this out.


Dolce Gusto

Meet my new coffee machine. It’s one of the Dolce Gusto ones you keep seeing at Coles, and wondering if they’re any good. I was sent one to keep and review, and Mum, my sister and I tucked into the coffee sample pods on Friday afternoon. This is one of the automatic Genio machines. It’s RRP is $229 with pods ranging from 50 cents to $1 per serve.

Doesn’t it remind you of a penguin??? I love Pingu and can’t help but think of him when I look at the machine. Just put some yellow gaffer tape on the “beak” and it’s PINGU!

Dolce Gusto

Mum tried the Cappucino, Jen the Hot chocolate, and me the Americano (with soy to top it).

Speedy and clean.

Dolce Gusto

Be nice to be able to have a soy frothy pod, but I’ll have to stick with topping up my espresso shots or Americanos with soy milk!

mmm the smell of hot chocolate!

Mum liked her cap, my Americano went down well, and did sister’s hot chocolate (though she added a little more milk).

Jen’s looking forward to the Peach Iced tea pods coming out, and Mum’s eyeing off the iced coffee!

(please forgive the photo quality, my Galaxy Note is sick atm, and I’m using a mini phone :)


A casual dinner nice and local on a Saturday night at Mama Mex, Warners Bay’s Mexican/Italian family restaurant.

Mama Mex, Warners Bay

Meals were huge, as promised, including my Chicken Tostada.

Mama Mex, Warners Bay

Raja’s Mexican Schnitty

Mama Mex, Warners Bay

and Rish’s Enchalada.

Mama Mex, Warners Bay

The coffee was very “family restaurant” ;)

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Frankie's Place, Darby Street

Sunday morning breakfast with some of my nearest, dearest, and fittest (! they all did Tough Mudder, and lived through it, 3 weeks ago!) high school friends.

Frankie's Place, Darby Street

Home made baked beans with poached eggs for Rish (similar, but not the same as Lisa had last time I was there for a meal)

Frankie's Place, Darby Street

My mushrooms, spinach, tomato and aoli on gluten free toast.

Frankie's Place, Darby Street

Avo on toast for Amanda.

Frankie's Place, Darby Street

Benedict and bacon for Phil.

Frankie's Place, Darby Street

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Coffee in Terrigal

October 8, 2012 · 2 comments

I work 3 days a week in Terrigal, a gorgeous beach suburb on the Central Coast of NSW. There seems to be a million cafes there for me to try, and so far the two I’ve tried, selected on convenience and the brands of coffee sold, have had yummy soy lattes.

lotus coffee terrigal

The first place I went to try was Lotus, on Ocean View Drive Wamberal. I drive past there each day, and the lure of Toby’s Estate coffee lured me in. $4.20 small, $4.80 for a large soy latte. Yum.

septoct12 084

The other place I’ve been to so far is Zanzibar, Church Street Terrigal. $4 for a small , $5 for a large, these Campos coffees go down well.

So I have two coffee places I’m happy with so far in Terrigal. More to come.

Plus I need to find decent coffee in/near the Tuggerah Business park for my other two days work. Suggestions???



Newcastle springs. Been a little while since I’ve lived through one, but I remember now, too hot in the sun for a jumper, but the second the clouds come in with that strong wind, the jumper is back on again in an instant. Always carry one, something light, black, and tied around your handbag.

(which is my advice for a Canberra summer evening, btw)


Sunday morning brunch at Estabar, out in the sunshine. A coffee to perk me up.


Avocado, lemon and feta from the special’s board, with gluten free toast. Notice how they’ve figured out us food bloggers and instagrammers???


Breakfast beans and feta with sourdough for Rish.


Pear and walnut bread.

Some nice light brekkies to start our Sunday :)


Breakfast @ Merewether Surfhouse Cafe

August 6, 2012

Newcastle turned on the sunshine for our friends visiting from Canberra over the weekend. A little different to the -4 overnight they’d come from! We took them out for breakfast at Merewether Surfhouse Cafe, making it there 10 mins before the 11:30am cutoff for ordering breakfast. (they were out of polenta, which is understandable given […]

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Talking Blogging @ Frankie’s Place, Darby Street

breakfast August 3, 2012

Caught up with @SawHole at Frankies for our first time actually getting together in the city we live in!!! Delish Almond and Pear friand for me, and a late breakkie for Lisa. While confusing the staff while talking blog-speak ;)

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Vincent’s at the Coliseum – Mayfield, Newcastle

August 2, 2012

Mmm Lamb Frittata Tea Hey that’s the boat my dad was on when I was a kid!!! Vincent’s at the Coliseum 122 Maitland Road Mayfield NSW 2304 (02) 4967 7456

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CAKE July 23, 2012

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Coffees with Mum

Thumbnail image for Coffees with Mum July 20, 2012

I’ve been having more and more coffees with Mum lately, “Anywhere but Gloria Jeans” I insist :) Jamaica Blue, Charlestown Square With Mum, this often means being offered a cake or slice as well, I need to start saying no thank you! Aurora, Glendale Normal Banana Bread Above, Gluten Free Below

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On Newcastle Coffee Culture

July 19, 2012

The Bonsoy delivery has arrived, albeit late, to Darby street. The barristas breathe a sigh of relief as the Hipster riot is averted. — Fiona. littlelioness (@phonakins) July 16, 2012

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I did it! #caffeinefreephona WON. ps Donate to the Steve Waugh Foundation, cos RARE kids rule x

Thumbnail image for I did it! #caffeinefreephona WON. ps Donate to the Steve Waugh Foundation, cos RARE kids rule x July 2, 2012

I did it! A month without caffeine!!!!!! Hug!!! and huge thanks to Elizabeth for the push. Y’all wanna sponsor me now? x Fiona’s turning 30!

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Cute and Kitch Coffee @ Frankies Place, Darby Street

Cow salt shaker June 10, 2012

I love the coffee at Frankie’s place, on Darby street. Helps that it’s Campos, and that it’s served in the cutest surroundings. So even though I’m a third of the way through #caffeinefreephona I suggested we go there between an open house and lunch yesterday. (After, of course, sarcastically suggesting Gloria Jeans :p ) The […]

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