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A soothing cup of tea

Tense therapy session on Wednesday because we ended up writing the letter for my “job Capacity Assessment” with Centrelink that I had yesterday. Yes, the assessment went well, reaffirmed my love of Occupational Therapists. and I’m going to be going to a new Job network/ Disability provider next week…. One that is all into aka…

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Happy Year of the Goat!

Why not celebrate with a takeaway coffee from Playing the Goat at Charlestown? Certainly makes the long waits at the Centrelink across the road more bearable!! (Spent way too much time on the phone to them lately! But got there!) The coffee is yum!! Playing the Goat 12/338 Charlestown Rd Charlestown NSW 2290 0413 564…

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Newcastle Mirage Christmas Blog Meet @ The Commons

BLOG MEET! I love a good blog meet, talking “shop” with people who get that google analytics and referral terms are a thing that matters! A huge thank you to the Newcastle Mirage boys (did you know ZINES were still a thing???) for organising it and getting the beer from Murray’s Brewery for us gals…

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