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Dairy-free Stroganoff

Based on this recipe… (served with beany goodness) Except that once the onions were browned, I threw it all in the oven, sauce included, with at least twice as much paprika, a little extra stock powder and some corn flour later to help thicken. Protein packed! (plus Rish said it tasted like stroganoff! Except there…

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Semi-Dairy-Free Lasagne

So, Rish branched out last night (showing how much he loves me) by substituting his regular delicious white besamel sauce with a dairy-free substitute for me, found in the Golden Door cookbook. He added cheese into half of the sauce to layer in on his side, and topped his side with cheese. Of course my…

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Chocolate I can eat

So far, so good, anyway. We may have a little victory in the search for a cane sugar-free, dairy free chocolate that doesn’t have a laxative effect or taste like ew. Loving Earth produce a range of raw chocolate bars that are dairy-free dark chocolate and sweetened with Agave syrup. They’re vegan and also gluten…

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Qantas to and from Melbourne

Scored myself the exit row window, with noone in the centre seat on the way down to Melbourne on Friday morning. Sweet! Quick on and off with only my hand luggage, too ;) Apparently Qantas are trying to increase their recycling on planes, collecting the bottles separate to the food and other rubbish now. Got…

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