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Absolut Vodka Elyx Launch @ Sticky Bar, Darlinghurst

I was quite happy to receive the invite from Soup to attend the Sydney Soup launch for Absolut Elyx at Sticky Bar :) A vodka tasting? Sure! We kicked off the night with some generous pours over ice. Quite easy to sip on before we launched into the tastings. Taken to the private room, we…

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Thai Lemongrass, Darlinghurst

So, the plan was to hit up Love Tilley Devine for a nice riesling and some chattter, but alas, things are closed on a Monday night, so we wound up with our third choice bottle of wine, a spicy Thai Beef Salad and a Pad thai (of course) at Thai Lemongrass in Darlinghurst. I wasn’t…

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