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Little Spoon Frozen Greek Yoghurt from Aldi

Little spoon frozen yoghurt

I love the tang of Greek yoghurt, and while I’m a fan of frozen treats, I don’t like how sweet many frozen yoghurts are :( Yes, I’ll cover tangy yoghurt in chocolate flakes and lychee balls at Yogoberry, but sweet yoghurt itself? Ew!

Little spoon frozen yoghurt

Which is why I swooped on the four pack of these tiny yoghurts at Aldi last week. Perfect sized for moi, and tangy and noms. I hope they still have them next week!!

Little spoon frozen yoghurt

Max Brenner Chocolate Bar, Charlestown

The chocolate….. it BURNS!

max brenner waffles

So, way too much sweetness for this savoury girl! I insist that you MUST try the “lick” which is a little tub of melted chocolate with a spoon. Beyond that? You’re on your own.

coffee and hot chocolate max brenner

It’s way to sweet and delicious for moi, Max Brenner.

chocolate lick max brenner

Max Brenner Chocolate Cafe
Pearson Street, Shop No L01 1031,
Charlestown Square Shopping Centre,
Charlestown NSW 2290
Phone:(02) 4943 7000
Open 9am – 11pm daily (midnight Fri and Sat)

Mobile Cocktail Bar, Penis Straws and a Topless Waiter – Crystal’s Bachelorette Party

Crystal's Hen's Night

When you arrive at a party, and a topless waiter hands you an appletini, you know the girls have planned a good night! We’d all put in $65 to cover costs and as you will see, it went a long way!

Crystal's Hen's Night

We had a mobile cocktail bar serving us all night from A wonderful idea I do believe!



Crystal's Hen's Night
Something Cold and Raspberry

Crystal's Hen's Night

There were even mocktails for those not drinking :)
(Still to be consumed with a penis straw though!)

Anna had cooked up storm, with many things to nibble on, and clearly labelled as to whether they were gluten or dairy free :)

Crystal's Hen's Night
Meatballs and Mushroom Pillows (both gluten-free)

Crystal's Hen's Night
Cheesy Cob

Crystal's Hen's Night
Mushroom Pillows

Chicken Nibblies

Crystal's Hens Night
Gluten Free meat pockets

And of course, dessert!

Crystal's Hens Night
Gluten and Dairy Free Chocolate Truffles

Crystal's Hens Night

And a few shenanigans

Crystal's Hens NightCrystal's Hens Night
Stripper and Pin the Penis

Crystal's Hen's Night

Good luck Crystal!!!

Winter Warmers: Bruce’s Chicken Pie (with a sweet treat for dessert)

Bruce's chicken pie

Who doesn’t like a hearty pie for a winter meal? I love the one Bruce makes, so we decided to share it with you in all its glory :)

Bruce's chicken pie

In the beginning we have two frypans going.

In one, soften up
a finely sliced onion
chopped leek (here’s some instructions on cleaning leeks)
in with a clump of butter.

In the other, fry up:
About 6 pieces of shortcut, chopped
300g button mushrooms, quartered
again with another clump of butter.

Bruce's chicken pie

Once these are done, combine in your larger pan and stir through
500mL chicken stock
1/2 cup red wine.

And start frying up a kilo of diced chicken breast in the other pan.

Then combine the two pans again and simmer off the excess liquid.

Bruce's chicken pie

Once the liquid is simmered off, stir through about
300mL thickened cream, and
2 tablespoons (generous) of sour cream.

(preheat over to 180 degrees)

Grease your pie tray, then line with puff pastry sheets.

Bruce's chicken pie

Spoon in the filling, top with pastry, then decorate with some appropriately placed pastry cutouts.

Brush with egg and/or milk.

Bruce's chicken pie

Bake for 20-30 mins, but keep an eye on it

Bruce's chicken pie

Serve up the delicious, and wish you had a smaller family, so you didn’t have to share.

berry pastries

We had leftover pastry, so for dessert, I made these little pastry pockets – filled with some frozen berries from the freezer and a sprinkle of sugar. Baked for maybe 20 minutes.

berry pastry

Served with ice cream, of course!

From the Backyard – Stewed Rhubarb

I aspire to have a garden full of fruits and veges and herbs one day, so that I can just head out the back, cook with what’s in season, and eat all the yums…


Until then, I’ll settle for planting things in my parents’ backyard (rosemary!!) and accepting fruit from kind neighbours with excessively fruiting citrus trees ;)


Chop up the rhubarb you stole from your mum’s garden and put it on the stove on medium heat with

– a cinnamon stick (fish this out before serving)
– a few tablespoons of brown sugar to taste
– juice from a lemon that came from your aunty’s neighbour’s tree (or juice from and orange, or a lime or a mandarine or a splash of sweeter wine, or even water)


simmer til it’s all mushy


and serve with ice cream or yoghurt! :)

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