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It’s All About Me (diet and exercise journal)

Diet and Exercise Journal

Excited because my new It’s all about me journal came :) I had a couple of these and used them well to keep myself on track a couple of years ago, and this will totally help me to get back into it!

Always nice to be accountable in some way. I’ll have this November/December/January period to get myself back into recording (not that there’s any guarantee of good habits, but recording it is a start!!) before the new year really kicks in.

I love how it has places to track weights and cardio worksouts, along with abdominals in its own space! (Better do them then!!), which is much better than many journals that only let you track food and calories. It also has “check ins” every 2 weeks.

(for the boys, or for those who prefer discreter than red (it used to be bright pink!), there’s also a black journal available)

I also signed up for two sessions of bootcamp a week for the next 7 weeks in the lead up til Xmas. That, and being inspired by healthy green apples on my blog layout (yes, click through if you haven’t already) instead of cupcakes and things I can’t actually eat will set me on the right track!


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Mmm, Soil Milk

Once upon a time, my baby sister (who is not such a baby any more) was going through a childhood period of lactose intolerance. Some kids do these things.

Anyway, because her language wasn’t quite up to the awesome skill levels of her sister two years her senior, she had some difficulties with some semantic tasks. Like using words that sounded similar in the wrong place, with cuteness generally ensuing.

Soil milk, being the name she gave to soy milk. At the time, I think I agreed, as the Seventh day Adventist church, aka Sanitarium, hadn’t quite developed So Good soy milk to taste much better than potting mix.

It seems to have evolved, and so I’m trialling it for awhile, in my tea and coffee, on my oats. Just mucking around with the dairy in my diet to see if that helps with my annoying gut and perhaps my general health. I don’t think it will hurt me (unlike chelation for autistic kids) so I may as well. :) Wish me luck with the soil milk?

And what I do

Okay, who else shudders when they hear Ronald McDonald say (or see it printed on a Happy Meal cup) “It’s what I eat, and what I do!”?

It’s not that it’s not true – the occasional Happy Meal is not going to make a child obese and fronting up to the emergency room with a suspected heart attack. I think I just feel guilty for believing something McDonald’s tells me!

McDonald’s for me is usually a “I’m driving to Newcastle” thing. Stop at the Sutton Forrest Maccas, find something to eat, grab a coffee and continue on. Last time, I was quite concerned reading the nutrition label on the salad I got. Ignoring the dressing, if you get a Caesar salad with “crispy” chicken, you’re going to have twice the fat than if you get the “seared” chicken. Fortunately for me, I made the right choice on the look of the pictures alone. At least the newer products are moving in the right direction :)

So, for me in life it’s is what I eat, but also what I do… I started my new It’s all about me journal yesterday morning – back to writing down my food, my exercise, and being accountable in pen for what I’m eating and how much or little I’m exercising. Also back to stepping on the scales (they were hiding in the garage in a drawer since we moved house) every week or so and letting Rish loose with a tape measure. The good thing about having moles is that we can use them for reference point :)

Goals for today? Drink a lot of water – the BOM is predicting 37 degrees!

I will have my stretch class tonight, which I sorely need because I’m starting to feel Monday night’s Pump class. So I’ll get to the gym, but it’s won’t be a disgusting session at least! :)

Visually Motivated

This is the episode in which Fiona is given a star chart, much like one I’d use with children, in order to motivate her to get to the gym more, eat better, and to report back to Rish on what I’ve been doing in order to collect my reward.

I love Progress Charts/chore charts/visual schedules of morning routine. It’s the sort of thing I suggest all the time at work for the kidlets I work with. Basic behaviour strategies, along with seeing what’s expected of you helping you to keep it all together. I’d be lost without my diary. And I love being able to cross the days off on my Hello Kitty calendar on my desk at work. So, hopefully, the stars will be motivating.

And the rewards? Not sure yet – shopping, outings with Rish, things such as that.

I’m also thining I’m going to enter for the Mothers Day Fun Run. Only 5km, but that’s still a long way in my little eyes! Give me soemthing to train for! (that’s not a little black dress, or related appearance-based motivation).

Okay, a busy day ahead at work… I need to put all my clients down on paper with their plans, if I know them, for the next school term. Then figure out how much time I need for each, if I have the time to do all that, and then if I can take on more clients. Fun times.

Aims out the window

So, not even a week ago, I boldly declared that I was to have no more chocolate for a month, until Rish and my anniversary on December 6th.

Of course, last night, Rish tempts me with a block of Lindt chocolate… and tells me that I’ve earned it from all my work at the gym and my efforts at keeping my food journal the past few weeks. I feel a little skeptical (who is whose hugest critic?) but I eat it, and love every bite :) Smelled like Easter!

The real aim about the not eating chocolate was to not eat so much crap at work – if it’s there I tend to snack away – damn chocolate and chips.

So, I have a new resolution – to no longer get the chips or the chocolates from the little “shop” we have at work. If I’m snacky, I have my muesli bars, and my yummy miso soups. I’m not eating that stuff because I’m hungry, I’m eating it because I’m tired, or stressing over something like a phone call I’m had or have to have… etc.

Eating chocolate outside of hours isn’t really an issue, as it’s not that regular! Not with the way our cupboards have been looking :)

Speaking of food! Here’s last night’s cooking adventure! Rish BBQd some HUGE pieces of salmon to have with roast pumpkin (with fresh rosemary from our backyard!),asparagus, and pesto – added some feta and olives :) Rish was a little disappointed that we didn’t stck it up, restaurant-style, before taking the photos… Accompanied this with some nice Australian Rose wine… Having so much fun taking recipe ideas from the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet book. Feeling so fresh and healthy! I think we should get Book 2 for Christmas.

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