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Sebel Albert Park, Melbourne

Sunday, April 15th, 2012

march2012 040

Booked a room with two Queen beds for the Digital Parents Conference for just under $200 per night. No breakfast included, but that’s what the fruit I snaffled from the plane and lunch buffets was for!

march2012 041
(Fifth floor view)

After an initial stuff up, where we were put into a room with just one king bed (we upgraded you! but yah, great, I just MET this person, not yet on bed sharing terms), and then when I arrive I walked into an already occupied room where someone was asleep with the concierge due to them forgetting to change the room number on my key. Silly. Anyway. Once that was all settled :/

march2012 010

march2012 009

march2012 008

The beds were super comfy and the shower nice and HOT. The aircon controller had me confused, so I just stuck with using the window to regulate the temperature…

Gluten Free on Qantas Domestic SYD-MEL

Friday, April 6th, 2012

Until the Digital Parents Conference, I’d never flown between Sydney and Melbourne. Plenty of flights from Canberra to Melbourne, but never had I done the Sydney route. (I’ll be flying to Melbourne again in a week, too! This time on Virgin for the Global Atheist Convention!)

march2012 006

Two dinner time flights, the first delayed by half an hour, because the flight after mine was cancelled and they packed as many people onto our plane as they could. Which meant they were undercatered. No issues for me though! ;)

march2012 007

A nice lamb curry and a gluten free muffin were served. Lovely! :) And in the exit row, too! ;)

march2012 059

The return meal was a little plainer… fish in a tomato and caper sauce, sultanas and a banana.

march2012 060

The fish was quite good, not too “fishy” and the potatoes went down well. I skipped out on the overdone beans, as you do! :p

Nice to have some nice, simple foods, and not be weighed down by the pasta that seems to be the regular meal of choice.

#dpcon12. In food.

Thursday, April 5th, 2012

Many others will discuss the content of the Digital Parents Conference. But I know what you want. You want FOOD PHOTOS. So, here we go!

Tea and real coffee on arrival

march2012 013

march2012 014

Gluten and dairy free muffins for morning tea.

march2012 016

march2012 017

The Lunch Spread

march2012 024

march2012 025

march2012 028

march2012 027

march2012 026

march2012 029

march2012 030

march2012 032

Afternoon Tea

march2012 036

march2012 038

march2012 039

Conference Dinner

march2012 050

march2012 052

march2012 056

march2012 057


Wednesday, April 4th, 2012

Sometimes you’re not expecting that you’ll just click with new people. To feel that immediate “they get me”.

But sometimes you do.

It was awesome to meet you, Glow xx


Some Beautiful Words

Monday, April 2nd, 2012

Some photos from the conference

march2012 022

march2012 023

A perfect Hallmark card that made me smile looking back at it right now. Sorry things suck right now.

march2012 021

Love you, Lisa aka Madam Bipolar.

march2012 020

A big weekend. I learned some things. That I love some of my blogging people to bits. That I shouldn’t be in a room of overly emotional posts and stories being read out. That I want to use my blogging for some sort of good. That a roomful of bloggers is a room full of anxiety ;)

That I need to slow down.