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Oops #sorrynotsorry

Note to self: Exercise more caution when discussing organised religion, taxing the churches and the pros and cons of religious charities on public social media when you are applying for work with organisations with religious backing.

Or, just be glad you got that out of the way before you were hired, put your foot in it and faced disciplinary proceedings or getting sacked for voicing your views… because you know it’d happen.

This is why I’ve never applied for Catholic Ed.

Ethos, and not being able to uphold it.

Moving On!

All the bows! #ebay
All the bows! #ebay Be RAINBOW and PROUD

Not that she’s counting

Trilogy Woden
Soy latte at Trilogy, Woden

More clearing. Ebaying some things if you wanna peek, or make a bid. More in the recycling, more in the bin.

At lunch time I said, when asked how much longer “9 and a half days left at work. Not that I’m counting”.

Not that I’m counting while I write my last reports.

Call families to check in.

Send letters to discharge those who haven’t called.

Filing things from way too long ago.

In 3 weeks I’ll be 1 day into my new job.

Numbers make sense.

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