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Votes are Cast

I did my thing at around 9 this morning, toddled off to the primary school down the street, discregarded the “how to vote” cards I was handed, and was pleasantly surprised at there being only 4 names on the House of Representatives ballot paper, which I quickly numbered through, and only 16 below the line for the Senate paper.. so with that one I took my time, mostly just so I didn’t stuff up my numbered, and for the first time did the below the line vote. That way I don’t have to worry that my preferences will flow to some Fred Nile group person (not that I saw them there for the ACT) or to Family First, wh I don’t remember being there either. Maybe they’ve given up on Canberra, and realise that there’s no point standing here as the PPP (politics, pornography and pyrotechnics) have long taken hold and really, we have no “family values” that they speak of left. :) Such a shame. It made figuring out who went last really quite hard.

I bit dissapointed at the attempted “cake stall” at the school. A couple of trays of rocky road… where were the lamingtons and toffee? Why did I even get up this morning?

It’s out my hands now. In about 8 hours I’ll have dragged out the tv (or be camped out in front of it on the bike at the gym) watching the start of the count. It could well be a close one, and that makes me nervous. I’m not really sure that I want Labor and Kevin Rudd in, but I know I don’t want John Howard’s Liberals around anymore. I so hope he loses Bennelong.

We shall see.

edit: Nikkiana was perplexed by our preferential voting system, so I shared for her this how to vote link (sound required). Here’s the how to not vote one, too. I don’t know if it helped her any, but she tells me the Australian male voice is enthralling.

Cut Up

Is it wrong to be excited about getting my first ever stitches? Or that I had to get a mole removed? I guess it can be exciting so long as it comes back clear from pathology, right? :p I got a little one removed from my left shoulder/back this afternoon – just starting to feel it now, though when I got the needle, I could then only feel the little tugs of the stitches as they went in.

A bit of a frustrating afternoon though. I had the appointment for 1pm, so I could just ake a little longer for lunch, but when I got to the doctor’s at ten to, I was then told that actually, my appointment was at 1:30 (the girl last week who wrote it down was apparently not useful enough that she was able to read the time off the computer screen and then write it on a little card for me correctly).. and that, as is usually the case, they were running behind. Perhaps I should go for a walk for about an hour? *sigh* Gave me a chance to browse the bookshop though and the Manuka boutiques and homewares. Saw a $110 box of Christmas Crackers in one shop *faints* They were pretty, but seriously, they’d have better have had some awesome gifties in them!

Had a bit of a sore throat/headachey/ear achey thing, so even though I got myself back to work at 3 (passing the numerous banners and signs along Adelaide Ave near the lodge proclaiming all sorts of things like “Greens = Taxes” and “Don’t vote the Unions in” – yes I’m looking forward to voting for both the Greens and Labor tomorrow!) I hung around for an hour doing some notes and stats, but left soon after… I think a lot of people were also over it… Fridays can be hard!

Canberrans don’t know how to drive when it rains. Itseems that when it rains, that means it really IS time to tailgate, weave in and out of traffic, oh and push well past the posted speed limit. Because it’s still safe, right? *sigh*


In follow-up to saturday night, when discussing my bruises:

Rish says:
until you put your arms in your own vomit…then i used a modified full japanese wrist lock to hold you up

All those years of martial arts training had to be useful for something, right?

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