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With spring well underway here in Australia, it’s a chance for us all to start getting outside more and enjoying the glorious weather. After months being cooped up in the cold, use this as an opportunity to really start living life to the max again, and reconnecting with your nearest and dearest! There are few better ways to get everyone together than with good food and drink, and with the sun shining why not enjoy some alfresco dining with an epic picnic? If you’re planning on hosting something like this during the spring and summer, here are a few things to consider.

4 people and a dog having a picnic

Choose the location
First things first, where will your picnic be held? If you’re on the Sunshine Coast and have beautiful parks, gardens or beaches nearby then it makes sense to go on Sunshine Coast adventures and choose somewhere like this so you can enjoy the surroundings as you eat and drink. If you have friends and family coming from all over, a central location will make it easier for everyone to attend, and so spend some time considering the best spot.

Decide on the dishes
The great thing about a picnic is that everyone can bring something along. This makes it less expensive as the cost isn’t being left to one person, and you can all enjoy each others food. But the last thing you want is for everyone to turn up with the same thing! It can make sense to assign a category to different families. That way you’ll get a good mix of cakes, savories, salads, sandwiches and other items when the day comes around. Don’t forget drinks too, a mixture of soft and alcoholic drinks will mean there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Consider plates, cutlery and cooking equipment
It’s so easy to overlook the extra things you need on a picnic, so be prepared. You’ll need a large picnic blanket (or a few of them) if you’re eating on the floor rather than on benches. You’ll need enough plates, cups and cutlery for everyone to eat off. If you’re going to upgrade your picnic with cooking equipment, heating or lighting for when the evening draws in- you could even look into diesel generator hire. Portable generators are ideal for picnics, and are fantastic when you know you’re all going to be out for the day as it gives you access to power.

What about entertainment?
As nice as it is having everyone together to chat and catch up, you could take things a step further and come up with some fun things to do too. Not only will this break the ice and get everyone mingling but it can keep kids occupied as well. You could play a game of cricket or rounders, have a go on a giant lawn game or you could run some kind of competition. If you’re out in a large spacious park in the outdoors, there’s lot of room to be able to run around and do whatever you like.

Are you hosting a picnic this spring or summer?

Collaborative Post

People don’t usually consider the garden as something that can be luxurious. The dining room or the living room within the home usually take center place for that. But before you know it we’re going to have the sun shining down on us, and the garden should become a place for you to go and relax, have fun, and socialise with your friends and family. But you don’t want a sub par garden to be doing all of this in, you want something that’s luxurious, something that you can show off to the people that come round. Plus, transforming your garden into a luxurious outdoor living area really isn’t as hard as doing it in the home. It’s so much less hassle, your normal living isn’t disturbed, and it’s much cheaper than any renovation you’d ever do inside the home. So, if you know you want a taste of luxury, here’s a few ideas that can help transform your garden into just that.

backyard deck pool night

Create The Space

The space is the first thing that you’re going to need to think of. If you have a lovely big garden, it doesn’t mean you already have the space to fill it with luxury. We’re talking about sort of sectioning your garden so you have a nice big area away from the grass for you and your guests to relax on. There are so many outdoor living design trends that we’re loving this year, but one of the best ones we’re seeing is taking a more natural approach to an area that you might create. Whenever anyone thinks of a decking area, which is the best thing you can actually put in your garden, people often think of the dark or light brown painted decking. Whilst these are really nice, why not think of going natural. Plenty of companies are offering this now. It just means that the timber that is used is sanded down completely, and glossed to give it a shine and protection rather than being painted. It does look just as good as the painted options, and lasts just as long. So, as we’ve said, decking is probably one of the best ways in which you can make space, but don’t let it overpower your garden. All you need is a nicely sized area that you can fit a table with some chairs, and perhaps even a BBQ. The other option for you to choose is patio, which can look just as good as decking. With both, we advise that you build in some sort of veranda to give you the space from the shade and the heat that you’re going to need. It also helps to keep the furniture dry should the weather inevitable turn bad at some point.

Add The Luxury

Now it’s time for the good bits, the luxurious additions that we know you’re going to love. Now, we’ve spoke about having a decking area to house some furniture, but we’re not talking about your standard table and chairs, we’re talking about something fancy that is going to be the perfect mix of comfort and class. It all depends on what you’re going for. If you’re going for a table and chairs idea, then one good idea is a picnic bench sort of design. Companies are now selling the most luxurious wooden tables that are glossed to perfection, but the benches are a little different to your average park bench. They’re built in with cushions to make sure your time in the garden is as comfortable as possible. It just puts a little twist on the standard table and chairs that we know you and your guests are going to love. Finally, we think the ultimate statement of luxury is some sort of built in pool or hot tub idea. The pool is going to be great for those hot summer days where you really need to cool down, plus your children will love it too. There are so many landscape ideas that will turn your garden and pool area into a rocky themed paradise. Or there is the option of having a little outhouse that will store a hot tub if you don’t want to take up too much of the grass space. A wooden outhouse would protect you from the rain when you are in the hot tub, and it actually looks really good if your garden is big enough. Plus, it also means you can spend those colder winter months relaxing outside!

Don’t Forget Aesthetics

Often the most important part of a garden for a lot of people, the aesthetics of it all define the luxury of it. If you want to create more of a relaxed and chilled out luxury vibe, then trees as well as plants are essential. For a beach theme, you could put a nice palm tree or two at the bottom of the garden. Space them far enough apart and you could put a nice swinging hammock in between. To look up and see the blue skies creeping in through and the palm trees swaying in the breeze along with your hammock… you can’t tell us that doesn’t sound like luxury! Other options include beautiful blossom trees that will offer you the shade you desperately need. As for plants, the brighter and more colourful you go, the better your garden is going to look. All you need to do is take a trip down to your local home and garden store and pick out some of the most beautiful ones.

Don’t Forget The Relaxation Corner

We’ve already mentioned a few little bits that will see you relaxing the day away, but now we’re going to talk about the perfect sunbathing area. You don’t need to do much, and having this on the grass will do just fine. All you need is top of the range sun loungers that offer comfort, a bit of shade if needed, and stability. Have one with a cupholder next to you so you can spend the days lapping up the sun with a ice cold beer, or glass of wine, sat next to you.

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