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Looking out to sea

Okay, I’ll come out and say it now: I didn’t eat any Hamburgers in Hamburg. Feel free to leave now, if that’s what you were here for (or go look at the one I ate in Cologne the day before I went to Hamburg).

I’m going to just straight to my accommodation at Hotel Bremer Hof, a short walk from the Haptbahnhof, in the dodgy direction ;) My single room was € 40.00 per night for a single room with bathroom. No breakfast, but there was free wi-fi! :)

Hotel Bremmer Hof
Orange! So very Orange!



After a train trip along the Rhine, I arrived in a drizzly Cologne, for the first time having to find my own way to the hotel without Rish’s help :) Fortunately, Cologne is extremely well signposted for tourists, and I knew I had to get to Neumarkt and Rudolfplatz to find Hotel Flandrischer Hof, which I’d booked for 105 Euro for 3 nights through

Cologne Köln

Gummi on the pillow each morning won me over – you can buy these at Aldi here!


It seems I was in Frankfurt on June 5… I’m getting there, I swear!! Frankfurt is manageable… I was only there 24hours!

Arrived in Frankfurt from Vienna on a morning flight, trained to the city and checked into a cheap hotel. Rish went for a nap, and I went for a walk…

Giant Euro

The giant Euro is probably my strongest memory of Frankfurt, but let’s see what else comes flooding back as I look at my photos! It IS pretty impressive, though. In a nerdy way…

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