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Personal Wellness Diary

Personal Wellness Diary

From today, I’m starting with this Personal Wellness Diary that I was sent by Plus One Mums to assist with my good habits, with the #bloggestloser challenge.

It’s got pages for sleep, movement, nutrition, goals, posture and more. Let’s see how I go! It’s fairly big, but fortunately I have a large bag for it :)

I’ll let you know if it’s easy to use :)

Who will be the Bloggest Loser? Countdown to summer challenge starts Monday! #bloggestloser

In all my inspiration today, it looks like I’ve kicked off another Bloggest Loser challenge! What is that? Well, basically a bunch of internerds track our diet and exercise the way we know best – online – and the winner is the one who gets the closest to their goal over the challenge.

So, I’m aiming to get under 70kg. And will post about it every week, lest I get picked on by the others for not posting. Twitter will flood with crap about ‘workouts’ and measurement. And my reward? A dress from the Maiocchi summer collection. Or 2. Cos I’m likely to get one anyway!

Want to join in? Sign up for a Daily Burn account, and join the challenge group here with the code A7F6FA

Bring it on!

Hello, Spring!

Sydney Flowers

Out of winter already, blossoms are blooming, days getting longer and a little warmer, freckles appearing on my arms. Spring is here and I’m bouncy and motivated.

Motivated to get to the gym each day. To walk in the fresh air to and from work. To eat more fruit. To work towards getting back under the 70kg mark (I hate talking numbers, but might as well put it out there) before summer. To drink lots of water and less coffee. To smile more. To work hard at uni.

And to wear more colours!

It’s All About Me (diet and exercise journal)

Diet and Exercise Journal

Excited because my new It’s all about me journal came :) I had a couple of these and used them well to keep myself on track a couple of years ago, and this will totally help me to get back into it!

Always nice to be accountable in some way. I’ll have this November/December/January period to get myself back into recording (not that there’s any guarantee of good habits, but recording it is a start!!) before the new year really kicks in.

I love how it has places to track weights and cardio worksouts, along with abdominals in its own space! (Better do them then!!), which is much better than many journals that only let you track food and calories. It also has “check ins” every 2 weeks.

(for the boys, or for those who prefer discreter than red (it used to be bright pink!), there’s also a black journal available)

I also signed up for two sessions of bootcamp a week for the next 7 weeks in the lead up til Xmas. That, and being inspired by healthy green apples on my blog layout (yes, click through if you haven’t already) instead of cupcakes and things I can’t actually eat will set me on the right track!


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Things creep up on my. Days, weeks, months, birthdays.

My dear, old, awesome cat Tizzy, on his perch at my parents place in Newcastle. He’s always been a big boy.

And also kilos. (kilos, centimetres, increase in fat with loss of muscle. All are true!)

Just a few here and there, but enough to mean I’m back into the overweight category, and that dressing to head out on Saturday night became a teary affair, where I realised that most of my going out clothes didn’t fit, or were all lumpy and bumpy in all the ‘wrong’ places.

It’s a mix of not eating right, not exercising enough, getting sick and so not being well enough to exercise. Etc etc.

Basically this means a couple of things.

I have to get more serious about my effort at the gym. That started last night, with Rish kicking my arse with sprints on the oval followed by an upper body weights session at the gym. It all hurts.

I will also have to go back to writing down what I eat. And be honest with it. This also will have the advantage of helping me figure out which foods make me feel like crap, along with helping me identify my snacking ;)

On discussion with my doctor, it appears I don’t have any specific intolerances/coeliac disease etc etc, but, as some of you told me, irritable bowel syndrome. So, writing things down and figuring all that out will surely help me feel better. :)

I’m not one to go on about weight/weight loss. I like food too much, and so the prospect of upping my gym efforts always appeals more than eating less. But so long as I stay healthy, that should stay reasonably easy. I also have always felt weird talking about wanting to lose a few centimetres in oder to feel better in my skin. Oh well, more butt kickings both by Rish and by myself shall help!

ps Where did April go?

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