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THREE!!! Happy Birthday Ezri!

by Fiona on August 13, 2014 · 0 comments


And yes, I can believe it.


While the time has flown, you’ve grown into such a little girl – I think you were a toddler for a brief few months my little niece.

Ez and Li Sharing

You love your brother to an extreme, and he loves you back even if he does want a break sometimes!

Ez fashionista

You have an affinity for pink that is purely from within your glittery self!

xxxxxxxx Love you always!!!


how to spend a long weekend

by Fiona on January 28, 2013 · 2 comments


Skinny Dipping
Canberra Wine



Save me Jebus!

by Fiona on September 15, 2012 · 0 comments

Save me Jebus!

(The Mormons won’t call for my beheading over my giving their Jesus card to the baby to chew on, right???)


Whatcha Thinkin little one?

by Fiona on September 8, 2012 · 1 comment

What you lookin at?

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(ps shoutout to @aBigDumbBaby for sponsoring me for my quest to raise $1000 for the Steve Waugh Foundation for my 30th birthday!!)

(ps you can play SNAKE with the youtube loading symbol….)


All hail yesterday’s tomato!

by Fiona on May 17, 2012 · 2 comments

As found driving the truck.

Because that’s where I keep my leftovers.

(or, on my face. or ears. or eyes. or nose. like this carob)

Mother's DAy 2012


Congrats to Kel who won the Groupon voucher! Persistence pays off!


Some day are Dizzy Days

by Fiona on May 7, 2012 · 1 comment


Don’t forget to enter to win an awesome Shanalogic necklace!

Entries close midday, Wed 9th May!

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So, how does a non-mum review items given to her cos she hangs around with the Mummy bloggers??

April 28, 2012

She, of course, passes them onto her sister and her kids. As you can see, Ez LOVES the spoon and sippy cup I think I got in the grab bag from the Digital Parents Conference. And the whole family gets great use out of the air fryer I reviewed yonks ago. My sister has even […]

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Making a tough call

April 25, 2012

Back in Newcastle for a while, to regroup, get things in perspective, look after myself, and play with some adorable little people. It could be worse!

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One of those posts with photos of my nephew

March 10, 2012

Because instead of doing anything productive today, I spent much of it vomiting and dashing to the loo. But look! Cute kid photos from visiting the family on Thursday. He spent the day with this World Rare Diseases Day sticker on his head. Being special. While his six month old sister has learned to crawl, […]

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TFSMIF – Get that thing away from me!

November 11, 2011

Terrifying my niece with my phone camera… Don’t worry, she’s not always scared of me! Hope you have a great weekend!

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Goodies from Honeybee

September 29, 2011

What the hell, this thing is as big as me!!! From Honeybee, Darby Street Cooks Hill. And coffee from Glee Roasters :) Bestest coffee.

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Awesome Weekend – City2Surf, New Niece, Chilling with Rish – Warning photo flood ahead!!!

August 15, 2011

HUGE weekend. Rish arrived midnight Friday, we went to Newcastle Saturday, and while we were on the F3, I got a text from my brother in law to say they were at the hospital because my niece was on her way!! :) I got dropped off at my parents place, and got to muck around […]

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