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Feel-Good Clothes to Lift Your Mood

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pregnant woman dawn clouds

When you’re feeling stuck in a rut or just can’t get yourself together, it is sometimes the trivial things that get you back on track. What you wear can actually have a real impact on your mood and energy levels so it’s worth having a long look in that full length mirror and then making a change.

Taking care of your appearance is a quick confidence boost that most of us forget about when we’re at our lowest points. At the end of a long week when you just can’t be bothered anymore, slipping into a gorgeous dress and doing you hair can be more rejuvenating than collapsing in front of the TV – you just have to believe it.

When you look good, you feel good, it’s as simple as that!

A Floaty Dress

Comfortable, quick and easy to wear all day and into the night. Florida style dresses will keep you cool while you’re running around all day and will easily transition into evening wear so you don’t even have to get changed before you go out. Really, you should have a few of these dresses in your wardrobe to keep you going throughout the week!

Floaty dresses are ideal because they suit most body shapes and will skim the wobbly bits you aren’t so fond of. The longer the dress the more likely it is you can pair it with pretty much all the shoes you own – even sneakers! – and enjoy a day on the beach as well as a day in the office.

Dresses don’t have to be expensive either. In fact, if you want to wear them all day every day, a cheaper dress will probably be more suited to your activities. However, it is worth getting a couple of more expensive dresses to wear on nights out when you just can’t be bothered getting dressed up. An empire line maxi dress will always look classy and mean that all you need to do is dig out some nude heels and throw your hair into a speedy up do. Add some lip gloss and get out there!

A Great Sports Bra

It’s crazy, but a brilliant sports bra makes such a huge difference and actually makes you want to work out! Getting the perfect fit will make sure that your running is pain free and should help your back as well. To find the perfect sports bra for you will take a lot of trying on in different shops but once you have hit upon the perfect one for you – get three!

You might think that stretchy bras will be more comfortable, but actually, since you are looking to increase motion control (or in other words, prevent too much flapping about!) you really need to find one with minimal stretch. Test this out before you waste time in the dressing rooms by tugging at the straps and the cups to see how much movement there is.

Once you have the sports bra to suit you, don’t you just feel like going out for a quick jog or playing a team sport? Feeling fully supported will really help you to regain your confidence and find your fitness, whatever size you are. If you feel good in what you’re wearing, it doesn’t matter how hot and sweaty you get – you’re on your way to athletic awesomeness.

Anything With an Elasticated Waist

Now you may be thinking that this is madness. How could anyone’s mood be lifted by an elasticated waist? Well, it’s simple: it’s all in the ability to eat a large, delicious meal without having to undo a top button afterwards. If there’s anything that’s going to lower your mood, it’s the realisation that your pants don’t fit after a plate of the most delicious pasta.

The thing is that a lot of fashion is actually quite restrictive. In our quest for the perfect silhouette that cinches in at the waist, we sacrifice the ability to sit comfortably. The elasticated waist on the other hand, knows no bounds. You don’t have to put it on show – just layer over a long top or put a belt on and nobody will ever know your secret.

It shouldn’t be hard to find the things that make us happy like this, but it a pressured world of fashion, choosing comfort is a confident choice. Feeling good in your clothes is the first step to feeling good in your skin. Lighter, roomier clothes will give you more space to breathe and move making you happier as well.

Spring/Summer Style Forecast: Warm-Weather Wonders To Buy Now!

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Spring is here, and it’s time to ditch the winter coats and heavy knits. If your wardrobe is in need of a warm-weather revamp, you’ve come to the right place. With blue skies and sun-drenched days on the horizon, it’s time to embrace spring/summer style. Here are some of the hottest trends to try now!

Sheer beauty
When it’s warm outside, the last thing you want is to wear tops or blouses made from thick, clingy fabrics. The good news is that this spring/summer, lightweight sheer designs are everywhere. Think loose-fitting shirts and floaty, feminine dresses. Opt for a maxi for daytime drinks, a trip to the races or a spring wedding or go for a Bardot top and cut-off denim shorts if you’re chilling out at the park or hitting the shops. If you’re not a fan of the girly look, you can toughen up your outfit with an oversized denim shirt, a backpack from Designer Online or some flatform trainers. Take care when you’re copying the sheer trend to protect your modesty. If you’ve got a completely transparent dress, for example, invest in a nude slip to wear underneath.

Megan Washington

Power shoulders
If you’re a fan of the 80’s, the catwalks bring good news! Power shoulders are back in a big way, so now is the time to embrace your inner diva. You can go all-out with metallics or velvet for a dramatic look, or you can keep things slightly more understated and subtle with an LBD with shoulder pads.

fluffy shoulders

Florals work all year-round, and they’re a great addition to any wardrobe. Now that lighter days and warmer climes are on the way, replace dark colours and bold prints with pastel shades, bright tones, and more intricate prints. You can wear florals in so many ways. Celebrate the trend in a patterned dress or a chic blouse or use floral accessories, such as a printed clutch or embroidered pumps, to liven up your spring basics.

Brown Leather Bag: Bricks and Bags

Ahoy there!
Nautical stripes are back again this spring. A perennial winner in the warm-weather style stakes, stripes are easy to wear, and they add an instant touch of sophistication to any outfit. Opt for striped cigarette pants for a formal occasion or a nautical top with skinny jeans, a cross-body bag and leather sandals for an effortlessly trendy daytime look. Stripes are often feared because people worry that they are unflattering. If you’re petite or you’re eager to look slimmer, stick to vertical stripes.

blue white stripes romper

Spring has arrived, and before we know it, summer will be here, and it’ll be time to hit the beach, fire up the barbeque, and spend as much time as possible enjoying the outdoors. In the warmer months, it’s all about looking great and being comfortable. Avoid heavy fabrics and clingy styles and go for items that you can throw on with minimal hassle. Take a look at new trends online, get some styling tips, and have fun with spring/summer fashion! You don’t have to tick off every trend with every outfit. Combine elements, mix and match and choose styles, colours, and prints that you love.

Release Your Inner Tomboy And Explore The Style

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It’s not something most girls think about, but almost anyone is able to pull off the tomboy look if you really want to. It’s a great alternative to the overly feminine approach to fashion and blatantly steals from the male styles to make it available for women to dress a little more neutral. It’s generally seen as the ‘in’ fashion of the day, as the hip hop dance routines in modern pop culture seems to be the foremost style celebrity singers are choosing to wear. It’s also great to show another shade of your personality, and proove that you’re brave enough to venture into another kind of fashion category. On the sly, it’s quite frankly, a great excuse to dress casually and not make a lot of effort, but still, project a knowledge of what’s the coolest and trendiest items on the market to wear. Of course, this style does have masculine elements to it, but that’s the whole point because it’s like a direct rejection of the dainty dress and high heels for something a little more sporty.

Image credit – Geneva Vanderzeil

The classic 90s tomboy jackets

The tomboy culture really shot to fame when it was part and parcel of the rave culture, especially in the 90s. No longer did some women want to be seen in floral prints and thin stem high heels, with lots of makeup on. It soon found itself a home in music as artists like Fergie and Gwen Stefani adopted the image for themselves. The camo jacket becomes a staple in the movement, and still to this day, looks fantastic in an urban setting. You can also wear a camouflage cap with your pony tail, slipping out the end of the cap. Equally, you can wear a denim jacket, with patterns of white ink sprayed all over the front and back. You can also have the style of the jacket, ripped, torn and or shredded. These jackets have a subtle but evident, attitude to them and can shrug off the feminine elements without going too far.

Source – waizy79

Straight jeans that don’t care

Part of being a tomboy is to make a statement that you’re not trying to look pretty, and you don’t fuss over your figure and the shape of your limbs. Straight jeans with a two tone go well with this style because unlike skinny jeans, they’re not meant to hug your hips and thighs. They’re made to be functional so that you can run in them too. Especially if you have a composite material that’s synthetic but might also have a bit of cotton in it so that it can stretch. The colour of this item could be grey, black, or a blue. However, you could also opt for a beige or khaki green if you want to venture out of the norm and try a little updating to the look. Straight jeans won’t be snug around the ankle area either so that you can wear boots or sneakers with them.

Tan Boots
Photo by – Robert Shele

Boots or sneakers?

Like every style, the tomboy look has evolved, and some might say, has become a part of the streetwear style. Made popular by students and urban music artists, streetwear incorporates a mix of clothes like hoodies, bomber jackets, ripped jeans, together with sportswear like sweatshirts, running bottoms and sneakers. However, just like the camo jacket, you could also wear desert boots that punch out a little more, with their heavy-stock designs. They have a masculine look because the section of the achilles heel is taller than most women’s shoes. You could also visit website to explore flat sneakers like Vans and Converse styles. You could also explore the urban Nike range that possesses elements of the running shoe but have been designed to wear as part of your daily outfit.


Graphic design t-shirts

Here’s where you can make the ultimate statement as a tomboy; the graphic on your t-shirt. You could go for the classic white t-shirt with the splattered of black paint with bands like KISS, The Who or The Rolling Stones. But, the truth is, you can have whatever design you want, so feel free to print something off that fits your personality and style, and have it custom made at a t-shirt printing business. The question is, can any colour work? Perhaps not. Oranges, yellows and greens, don’t really fit the neutral style of what the tomboy look is about. Blues, greys, whites, black, and duller colours work better as they have more of a masculine quality to them.

If you don’t want to dress in the same old fashion of the dainty feminine chick, the tomboy is a great swap so you can take on the urban look, but still be grounded in the history of the culture. You’re also backed up by many pop stars who regularly take up this style in music videos, so take the leap and explore the style a bit more.

Tights Weather!

I’m excited about tights weather, aren’t you? As we come to the colder months I get to start digging out my tights collection while those of you in the northern hemisphere are buying new spring clothing… I think I might have the better end there!

Purple tights and dominatrix heels to dinnerTights weather!

Stripey tightsBlue tights

I was a little sad this morning though, so many of last year’s tights have holes in them, or just aren’t in great condition… I put it to twitter whether it would be a good idea to ask for paypal donations for my tights fund (I’m still open to it, though it may attract a new kind of reader if I promise to post pics of them in action in return) but it didn’t seem popular. Seems I might have to just budget to have a little set aside for tights (unless Myer or Westfield wants to have a tights blog ambassador for Winter 2011? :p)

So, suggestions of course are welcome, both for ways to save money (such as cutting back on takeaway coffees) or to get Levante to make me their blog-girl ;)

*adds a few pairs to her Amazon Wishlist for good measure*

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