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Febusave Wrap


At the start of the month I declared that for Febusave (which I keep typing as Februsave, maybe next year the men’s version can be FeBroSave?) I would pack lunches for work and cut back on buying coffees and diet cokes…

I did quite well on the lunches front. I think I bought lunch once this month – and it was a day where I was due to take part in a group lunch at work, took one look at the Pide on offer, with all its cheese, and wandered out with someone else who couldn’t face that hehe.

Caffeine intake did drastically reduce, but not completely. As did the chocolate and snack buying at work – helped along by feeling hideous at eating cadbury’s and the work “shop” dissolving.

Extra expenses for this month such as text books for uni, registering for the conference in May, and buying pretty dresses weren’t factored in. But they can be supported, plus I’ll get the conference fee back soon from work.


All in all, I’m glad I stuck to the taking lunch thing, even if I might need a break from tuna for awhile! (I did have it for lunch today. Sheer apathy!)

Still to organise our actual dates to go to Europe. Getting there!

She's Packin' Lunches

I’ve not been exactly creative with my lunches since the start of Feb (and Febusave) but I’ve been happy with the results:

Lunch! Tuna and salad

I’m such a tuna girl. My mum will attest that I used to live on it. Today I had some avocado (a quarter on dietitian’s advice – keeping it yummy but not too much fat), some leftover mushrooms, the tomato was bought it a kilo bag, and the tuna in a huge box. Bargain. (Lack of feta cheese in there… boo!)

It would be even better if I had home grown tomatoes, but I’m not quite up to that as you can see:

My tomato's finally reddening!

My first tomato is nearly ripe, while the second one is only just sprouting. One day! :)

Our Daily Caffeine

For my first week back at work (first real week back, school wasn’t back before) I’ve made a start on the promises to bring my own lunch and cut back on the caffeinated drinks (both for Febusave and for my own health).

Coffee @ Deja Brew

I managed to take my lunch each day (generally involving tuna, or leftover meat, with some salad and bread) but haven’t quite come to the not buying coffee or diet coke. Each day, I’ve bought either a soy latte or a diet coke. It’s more for the break, about 3 in the afternoon I’ve needed to escape work for a wander, and have generally come back from the shop with drink in hand.

Perhaps next week, I can look at ways of getting that headspace without coming back caffeinated?

That's gonna hurt in the morning

Not a great start to the day – spent over half an hour trying to get the ripped left contact out of my eye, while half of it was on th bench. Eventually go it out, but not before turning early to work into late for work.

I did remember to take my lunch… gotta make a dent into my tuna supply. I bought 36 tins of tuna yesterday – $1 each for Greenseas in bulk boxes of 12? Can’t say no to that! (and apparently you can earn points and win stuff with them this month too! Gotta get entering those codes!)

Drank my first diet coke in a fortnight after lunch today (What’s that I said about giving up? Hard when I have a pile of reports to get out before the end of the week and my brain isn’t warmed up yet! Maybe fish oil would better help me concentrate? And help my knees? They kept rambling an about it at the retreat.)

Was going to go do a cardio session this afternoon, but ended up in Pump class, because I forgot my earbuds. Good fun :) But things will hurt in the morning! Better get up for an early walk to warm my joints through!

Febusaving for Flights to Germany

I’m not a bad saver – I have my ING direct account which I direct $500 to each fortnight on payday, plus I have extra payments in the home loan account, but it would be nice to see how much more I could be saving if I cut back on the little expenses that add up through the week – the takeaway soy lattes, the diet cokes, the bought lunches that I could have easily brought from home with a little planning.

Febusave is an ANZ bank led campaign to get women looking at their finances and what they could be saving towards with a little better money management. On the site they have tips and education on savings and finances. Another site they have going is SmartyPig which allows you to open a dedicated account to save towards your goal. You can make transfers, and friends and family can help you out along the way!

What am I saving for? Flights to Germany this Summer!

Our plane to Athens
(no idea what airline I’m going)

Rish has a conference, so why not tag along and see some of the country? :) I haven’t been there yet, so many things to see and do! (and save for!) I actually won’t be saving for the flights themselves, as they’ll go on my credit card as soon as I confirm my dates, and I have the cash to pay that off… more i’m saving for is for spending money, accommodation and so on.

It will be a nice way to finish my uni semester – it starts back next week, and will go through til mid May. I have my own conference to go to (back to Melbourne!).

Wish me luck? I’ll try to let you know how I’ve gone ;)

I am an official FebuSave blog ambassador.  Join me, and start saving.

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