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Boolaroo Takeaway – Under new “IRNCHF” Management

Monday, May 18th, 2015

Boolaroo Takeaway by Iron Chef

My local takeaway at Boolaroo is under new management, but the Iron Chef, (or IRNCHF, according to his numberplates), no less…

IRNCHF numberplate

As it was a cold, rainy Saturday night, we had to see how he was going!

fish cutlets and chips

$10 for 6 fish cutlets and chips – The fish pieces were really fresh tasting, and while I didn’t like that the chips aren’t the traditional, oddly-cut, fish and chip shop chips, they were cooked well and had the right amount of chicken salt. I just like it better though when you get the little crispies that are tiny and slightly overcooked in the paper bundle!

We also got a Works Burger for $7, but my photo is rather blurry… but the bun was fresh, the salads nice, and the met patty moist! :)

Boolaroo Takeaway By Iron Chef
40 Main Road Boolaroo
02 49 588 929

Things I’ve likely lately

Tuesday, July 30th, 2013

Because I am so behind in so many ways

baked camambert

Baked Camembert. At the Blog Chicks meet this month at the South Sydney Graphic Arts Club which was very much Workers Club not hippie arts centre!

coconut smirnoff ice

Smirnoff Coconut and Pineapple. Though you can’t taste the pineapple. The Honey one is foul, though :/

cooking for more than one

Cooking for people other than just myself

hello kitty pasta

With Hello Kitty pasta and Bertolli olive oils

fish and chips

Fish and chips.

frankies place brekfast

Breakfast at Frankie’s Place on Darby


Meat. This was at Lowenbrau on the weekend for the lovely Kazza’s 40th :) mmm meaty.

colourful tights

Colourful socks and tights

colourful socks and tights

hello kitty body spray

Hello Kitty body sprays


Canberra. xoxox

Weekend Getaway at the Bay

Tuesday, October 30th, 2012

oct2012 310

A weekend getaway, just up to Port Stephens for a couple of nights. Sun and sand, fish and chips, rest and relaxation. Much needed, and well overdue. Over too quickly. Here are some snaps

Bub's Seafood, Nelson Bay

(before I got sunburnt)

Bub's Seafood, Nelson Bay

Bub's Seafood, Nelson Bay

Now, Bub’s Seafood claims to have the best fish and chips in NSW for like a million years running. I so don’t think so. Give me the Esplanade Takeaway at Warners Bay any day. This fish was boring and the chips also…. boring!

Bub's Seafood, Nelson Bay

Bub's Seafood, Nelson Bay

(nice LLB though)

oct2012 263

(grey and drizzly Friday evening)

Colonial Ridge Resort, Salamander Bay

We stayed at Colonial Ridge Resort (I believe the fact that there was a tennis court made it a resort?). Huge 2 bedroom cabin thing, with equipped kitchen, decent bathroom, and tiny tv.

Colonial Ridge Resort, Salamander Bay

Bed was comfortable enough, though on the hard sign for little princess and the pea here….

Colonial Ridge Resort, Salamander Bay

No oven, but stove, microwave, kettle and all the pots, pans and so on!

Colonial Ridge Resort, Salamander Bay

Kids’ room. I slept one night in one of these. And stole the pillows for the night.

Colonial Ridge Resort, Salamander BayColonial Ridge Resort, Salamander Bay

Nice to have a laundry, and the hot water in the shower was AWESOME. Could have done with a little soap rest thingo.

Salamander Beach

Lost Rish for a few hours, after a noice sleepin on Saturday. Spent the morning wandering around Salamander Bay, getting sunburnt :/

Salamander Beach

The water is so clean here.

Salamander Beach

Much wading to be done.

Salamander Beach

Salamander Beach

Flipped, Nelson Bay

Lunch was, of course, needed at some point, and when Rish got back we headed into Nelson Bay to Flipped for some burgers.

Flipped, Nelson Bay

Rish went a lamb burger.

Flipped, Nelson Bay

And I did too! (note the gluten free breadage). Mine was Moroccan. And better :p

Sanook Thai Salamander Bay takeaway

Dinner in front of Toy Story 3, Thai from Sanook, Salamander Bay. All of the food was wonderful. Great Pad Thai, chicken in the smokey satay was excellent, and the fish cakes were yum!

Sanook Thai Salamander Bay takeaway

(did anyone else find Toy Story 3 a little scary???? We followed that up with Die Another Day. Hilariously terrible.)

Sanook Thai Salamander Bay takeaway

Nelson Lighthouse

(ffs, don’t feed the birds!)

Nelson Lighthouse

Sunday Brunch up at Nelson Lighthouse at the Tea Rooms.

Nelson Lighthouse

Scones for Rish

Nelson Lighthouse

And awesome date and banana loaf for me. I asked, and it seems the bakery at Anna Bay makes a great range of gluten free loaves.

Nelson Lighthouse

(the one with aroma. for reals.)

Shoal Bay

Then for a walk (in terrible shoes) up Mount Hackey (thus named during a trip in uni when we lost a Hackysack over the cliff) at Shoal Bay

Shoal Bay

(nice view ;)

Shoal Bay

Tank Fish and Chippery, Lygon St, Carlton – my first taste of Kosher salt!

Thursday, May 3rd, 2012

Global Atheist Convention 2012 Melbourne

We went to Lygon street in search of pasta, but wound up trying the fish and chips at Tank. And ZOMG I’m glad we did! (aside from feeling weird that I wasn’t at Bateman’s Bay and I was still eating fish and chips. Sokay, though, cos I didn’t end this meal with tea in a paper cup…)

Global Atheist Convention 2012 Melbourne

We got the “Tank for Two” ($26) with one of the pieces of fish grilled for me. Delish! The tartare sauce is amazing, and the calamari has a touch of chilli and is divine.

Global Atheist Convention 2012 MelbourneGlobal Atheist Convention 2012 Melbourne

And, I’ll have to admit that Kosher is not something I’d thought of for salt, being in Melbourne for an atheist convention and all, but David’s Kosher salt is great! Big flakes, perfect on these chips!

Global Atheist Convention 2012 Melbourne

Where’s your favourite fish and chips?

Global Atheist Convention 2012 Melbourne


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