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Malaysia Airlines Sydney-KL-Frankfurt

Didya hear? I uploaded all my holiday photos to Flickr. Woo! Now, you can either be a keen bean and head straight on over there, or wait for the piece by piece installments that will filter through over the coming however long. I’ve decided to go city by city, but will give you the first post about a place I spent over two days – on Malaysia Airlines planes.

MH122 Sydney-KL June 28

Not the best trip – quite a full plane, and the IFE system for the block of seats we were in was screwy (cutting in and out, some buttons not working for Rish so no TETRIS). But they got the food right. For me, that meant they actually had Vegan food where promised. I care not so much about the meat side, I order vegan (VGML) for the lack of dairy and generally low-fat nature of it.

Dinner SYD-KUL. Generic overcooked veges, a pasta salad, fruit for dessert.

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