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huge gathering of hs friends this morning for a brunch where we didn’t have a booking, I lied and said we had 10 people, and we were squeezed in one place, then the other six showed up. These are the people I know I can fall back on, regardless of the tangles of life that have happened since the year 2000. The ones who will answer the phone or a text message.


Love you guys. No matter how much we’ve all changed, there’s still love there.


Thong Vnding Machine
Considering a career in vending machines. Japan style.

Where am I up to?

I’m clearly having way too good a social life. Which is good, actually, despite the lack of sleep and probably too much alcohol in my system, because I really AM starting to make connections down here. Supportive friends, silly friends, people I also don’t click with too. Making Sydney feel much more comfortable. Much more home. Home is where the heart is.

I applied for a job. By applied, I called the lead clinician and sussed each other out, and emailed through my resume. It’s rather part time, school age language, literacy, dyspraxia and autism. Right up my alley and potentially a good way to get my foot back in the door. We shall see how that pans out.

I’m covered in bruises, for one reason or another. One reason is running into a glass door. Others include being generally clumsy, and on my arm that I’m putting down to somebody grabbing me and saving my life. You know, like if I walked in front of a moving vehicle. Which I do because I have NO road sense. I actually don’t know where I got that bruise from, but sounds like a good story? Want to be my knight in shining armour?


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