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A time… to be touched by his Noodly Appendage


So, there is a time. A time where I type under the cover of darkness, a time where I hide away.

There is another time.

One where I proudly proclaim that I am a Pastafarian Minister. One where I ask you, why is my religion NOT so special and precious and holy as yours? Why isn’t my GOD, created by the prophet Bobby Henderson, as cherished and LOVED as that Jesus you talk of? Why not, as they are all as ridiculous as one another?


Bow forth, if you want to be blessed. And join me on Facebook.

I will bless you with his noodly appendage.


A soothing cup of tea

Tense therapy session on Wednesday because we ended up writing the letter for my “job Capacity Assessment” with Centrelink that I had yesterday. Yes, the assessment went well, reaffirmed my love of Occupational Therapists. and I’m going to be going to a new Job network/ Disability provider next week…. One that is all into aka specialises in people with mental health issues. I also got a rating of being capable of
only” 8-14 hours of work a week. Given I’ve not worked full-time in over three years, this is a relief to have on my record. A relief to be honest and say that I really wanna be a a speech pathologist again, but my mental health issues are holding me back.

Oh we got the coolest coffee cups from Playing the Goat across the road from Centrelink. Tawny frogmouth!!!


So, when I got home from that, I went for my first cup of tea for the year. Dilmah.


Oh, and did you see that I got ordained? *grins*

(that certificate is NOT A4, so if anyone can help me fid a frame to fit it – US sized I guess- I’ll bless you with 2 minute noodles)

Birthday Celebrations

Kicked off my birthday last Friday at the gym – I’d been awake since 4:30am, so why not get up and hit the gym at six so I could indulge later in the day? ;) This was after getting a cute cute tote bag from Rish from Honeybee in Newcastle, that I hadn’t told him I’d been eyeing off! (sorry have packed it away!)

Coffee and the Purple Pickle ANU

Met with Rish afterwards for a coffee at the Purple Pickle.

Coffee and the Purple Pickle ANU

I made it to work about nine, with a bag of mini redskins, milkos and sherbies to hype everyone also up with (because I was bouncing off the walls!) and the birthday fairy had been overnight!

Birthday/last day at work

My desk was so clean, only because that was my last day! There was 2pm cake – one of the girls made me a cake using a gluten free Rowsie’s Cakes cakemix she’d picked up a supabarn, with some raspberries on top. Nom nom.

I picked up my bamboo and left at about 3:30pm… off to tidy the house ahead of having workmates over to help me work through some of the wine – a social way of having less to pack!

On Saturday night, Rish took me to My’s Vietnamese in Weston so that he could FINALLY try their laksa that I’d been going on about.

My;s Vietnamese Weston

We took a bottle of champagne that I’d been given for my birthday/farewell. It was wonderful!

My;s Vietnamese Weston

Started with the fresh rice paper rolls.

My;s Vietnamese Weston

I had my usual – Rice noodles with tofu and veges

My;s Vietnamese Weston

Rish was happy with his Laksa :)

My;s Vietnamese Weston

But still had room for deep fried ice cream with caramel topping!

A lovely night, topped off by being watched over by His Noodliness

My;s Vietnamese Weston

(after being given a wonderful drawing of the deity by my nephew!)


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