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She's Packin' Lunches

I’ve not been exactly creative with my lunches since the start of Feb (and Febusave) but I’ve been happy with the results:

Lunch! Tuna and salad

I’m such a tuna girl. My mum will attest that I used to live on it. Today I had some avocado (a quarter on dietitian’s advice – keeping it yummy but not too much fat), some leftover mushrooms, the tomato was bought it a kilo bag, and the tuna in a huge box. Bargain. (Lack of feta cheese in there… boo!)

It would be even better if I had home grown tomatoes, but I’m not quite up to that as you can see:

My tomato's finally reddening!

My first tomato is nearly ripe, while the second one is only just sprouting. One day! :)

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