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Airplane Food – SYD-MEL-HBA return on Qantas

Time to show off the GFML (Gluten Intollerence) meals offered in economy on Qantas domestic.

Heading down to Hobart I got two breakfasts, the row to myself on both flights, and evidence as to how old the Qantas domestic Boeing fleet is…

Hobar2012 390 - Copy

Breakfast #1 – Monster Muesli, Rowie’s cake, banana, juice, water and pills ;)

Hobar2012 436 - Copy

Breakfast #2. With Uncle Toby’s branded gluten free cornflakes.

Hobar2012 434 - Copy

Row to oneself at 6am on a Sunday.

Hobar2012 445 - Copy

Ash tray in the loo shows the age of the plane, as Smoking aboard Australian domestic aircraft was banned on 1 December 1987!

Hobar2012 444 - Copy

Early morning selfies.

Hobar2012 448 - Copy

My first glimpse of Tasmania. I only get window seats. On the left side of the plane.

On the return flights, there was a ‘snack’ (a second lunch for the special meals)

Hobar2012 826

A roast vege sandwich. No banana for me, though the normal meals had bananas.

Hobar2012 861

And lamb for dinner

Hobar2012 863

All quite edible :)

Gluten Free on Qantas Domestic SYD-MEL

Until the Digital Parents Conference, I’d never flown between Sydney and Melbourne. Plenty of flights from Canberra to Melbourne, but never had I done the Sydney route. (I’ll be flying to Melbourne again in a week, too! This time on Virgin for the Global Atheist Convention!)

march2012 006

Two dinner time flights, the first delayed by half an hour, because the flight after mine was cancelled and they packed as many people onto our plane as they could. Which meant they were undercatered. No issues for me though! ;)

march2012 007

A nice lamb curry and a gluten free muffin were served. Lovely! :) And in the exit row, too! ;)

march2012 059

The return meal was a little plainer… fish in a tomato and caper sauce, sultanas and a banana.

march2012 060

The fish was quite good, not too “fishy” and the potatoes went down well. I skipped out on the overdone beans, as you do! :p

Nice to have some nice, simple foods, and not be weighed down by the pasta that seems to be the regular meal of choice.

I could write about…

The gluten free meal I had on the plane home from Melbourne last night:

Gluten free plane food

Or the complimentary wine:

free wine

Dinner at The Deanery Friday night:

The Deanery, Melbourne

The Deanery, Melbourne

The 5:15am WAKE UP CALL we all got Saturday morning at The Oaks on Market. All 4 rooms of our group. Something wrong there.

Oaks on Market, Room 1605

Or I could just write a few sentences and post some photos. You all cool with that?

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