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And I'm Back

Rish was asking me yesterday why I hadn’t blogged yet. I got back yesterday morning to Sydney, and then slept for about 4 hours in the middle of the day, just long enough so I didn’t feel sick, but not so long to throw myself out… I still slept 10 hours last night, to get up at a respectable 9am. I think I’m pretty much back into it already.

Met some Germans on the plane, who didn’t know each other.. at times they spoke in German and I tried to follow. One of them will be coming to work here but her job feel through – oops. Hopefully she found her way alright yesterday, I lost her in customs. Along with a “Tulip in a can” that quarantine took :p No surprises there.

Movies on the plane – Iron Man, Kung Fu Panda, 88 Minutes, Live!, and Untraceable. The first two were Dubai-Bangkok, last three Bangkok-Sydney, so I must have been in a strange mood for that flight. Live! was a mockumentary-style thing about a game show based on Russian Roulette, Untraceable had people being murdered and watched online, and 88 minutes was a “you have 88 minutes to live” thing… heh. held my attention though :p

Yeah, there’s plenty of holiday stuff to write about… but I’ll get to that later. I have been uploading more photos, and have gotten up to when Rish left, so about the halfway mark (time-wise – waaay more photos after that!)

There’s a set on Flickr… not all are tagged, titled, or even rotated the right way… but you get the idea.

Okay, I’m off to give Phil and Jenny a slideshow hehe. Yes, I’m dorky.

It's over

I’m back in Athens, hot, tired and exhausted, and I fly out tomorrow for Australia. I still have some exciting things left, like a stopover in Dubai and the flights – unlike the small Aegean airlines plane I was on today which got knocked around by the wind a bit… I don’t really like short flights. Smaller planes means more bumps.. argh.

I’ve had a great 3 weeks, but I think I’m ready to head home. You get that feeling when you’re sitting there, glazed over. heh :)

Photos will probably be up on the weekend :p

News : I have vague tanlines.

I can't get no sleep

But that’s okay. It’s just too hot for me to sleep here… but I’ll doze under a tree on the beach later, and all will be fine :)

Apparently, it’s Friday. So people have told me. So I have less than a week until I’m back home in Newcastle. Plan to spend the next two days here on Paros relaxing on the beach or in the bars… I’m going to try to find someplace to dance tonight, we’ll see if I come across anything.

Sanotori tomorrow afternoon, 3 nights there, then back to Athens then home. Scarily short time left. Time to get off this computer and back into the scorching midday sun :p



Samos to Syros

I like boat rides.

At least in calm weather anyway. Should qualify that :p

I spent most of the nine hour ferry ride out on the back deck. Watching the islands go by, coming in and out of ports, watching it become night time. Looking at the stars, clearing my head, feeling happy.

Also saw the moon rise, an orange glow, over the sea.


Big Day

I survived Turkey, but somehow couldn’t survive getting overtired, and lost it over some of my favourite underwear getting a bit mangled b the washing machine – The sailor set previously mentioned went all grey in the lace, with the straps worse for wear, and my green Mossimo set not very happy in the white parts. Also my hot pink ones that I wore under my pirate outfit *pouts*

Being overtired and female, I cried … of course, obvious reaction.

So, not the best ending to the day.

But got over it by talking to Rish for about 20 minutes at a public payphone, and just getting into the fresh air. Finding being n that little house kinda stifling – it’ hot, smells like mothballs and there’s three women with varying reactions to being tired :p

Turkey was like Greece – Ephesus was good, more ruins, but it made me sick to watch that everyone was putting their hands all over everything and climbing all over things… Markets were… there.. got done cute dipping sauce bowls, and a couple of pashminas…

Still need to source some dinner – but here at 11:30pm, that’s not a problem- the night is still young!

Off to Syros tomorrow…. 9 hours on a ferry *dies*

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