It's over

I’m back in Athens, hot, tired and exhausted, and I fly out tomorrow for Australia. I still have some exciting things left, like a stopover in Dubai and the flights – unlike the small Aegean airlines plane I was on today which got knocked around by the wind a bit… I don’t really like short […]

Samos to Syros

I like boat rides. At least in calm weather anyway. Should qualify that :p I spent most of the nine hour ferry ride out on the back deck. Watching the islands go by, coming in and out of ports, watching it become night time. Looking at the stars, clearing my head, feeling happy. Also saw […]

Big Day

I survived Turkey, but somehow couldn’t survive getting overtired, and lost it over some of my favourite underwear getting a bit mangled b the washing machine – The sailor set previously mentioned went all grey in the lace, with the straps worse for wear, and my green Mossimo set not very happy in the white […]

Got my Swim in

Spent the day in Vathy (Samos town)… Not too eventful, though we have sorted out the rest of the trip – well the ferries to Syros, Paros and Santorini, flights back to Athens (instead of a 15 hour ferry ride) and so fourth. And a night’s accommodation in Syros, as we get in at 1am.. […]


We have kittens in the huge pot out the front of our terrace. The were born Friday night, and are sooooo tiny :) Too cute. I would upload a pic of them, and of all the little cats, dogs and ducks that I’ve made friends with since I’m been here, but is it really that […]