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In the Dark

Well, glad to see I’m not the only one with a morbid curiousity/need to read the Sweet Valley Confidential book! If you get it, let me know how terrible it truly is! (and lend it to me, hey? :p)


Stayed back tonight to get my March stats in, not QUITE at the last minute (due COB tomorrow!) but getting close! Unfortunately, the end of daylight savings meant walking home in the dark :( At least it wasn’t too cold, yet!

Has your day changed since the end of daylight savings? I can see I’m going to have to make the most of the light mornings while we’ve still got them! Gym session or a run I think!

Protein-eriffic Curry (and legs of steel)

After a much needed run, and a short but tough gym session with Rish (Bench Presses and Leg Presses *dies*) went past the supermarket to gather the ingredient to make Lisa’s 6 Cs Curry… except I made it with chicken for extra protein-y goodness, and no cauliflower because there was only one which looked a little sad :(

Meddled slightly with the quantities also – upped the spices and coconut milk, along with the amount of chickpeas and an extra carrot. Just to get it to last longer.

6 Cs curry

Gotta keep this up – it was a good run today, my pace was much better than a week ago. The cool weather and relaxing day before it helped a fair bit, as did having lots of nervous energy to burn ;) In training so I can make it round the loop twice for the Mothers Day Classic 10km in May. 2 months to go – I can do it!! (Wanna Sponsor Me?)

6 Cs curry

What are your ideal running conditions?

Lego Man

Unconscious Mutterings Week 422:

  1. Leaning :: online
  2. Projects :: completed
  3. 404 :: not found
  4. Page :: paging
  5. Twitter :: rati
  6. Renaissance :: dress
  7. Webinar :: learning
  8. Community :: blog
  9. Illustrate :: my point
  10. Clean slate :: starting over


After Rish actually dragging me to get out of bed (after I tried to sleep past my alarm) I got to the gym this morning, and feel good after that start to the day.


A sweaty hour on the cross trainer/stepper thing… The heart rate monitor wasn’t picked up on this one. Disappointing! I’ve stolen Rish’s chest strap, which gets picked up by the machines to make me push myself! :D

Soy latte from the Purple Pickle at ANU

Next stop, a soy latte from the Purple Pickle.

Moose energy boost muesli

The home for breakfast – Energy Boost muesli from Moose General Store. So much yummy fruit and nuts! I might have preferred more oats and less bran straws, but I’m sure they’re good for me ;)

Moose Wheat free granola
(The Wheat Free Granola from Moose. Lotsa nuts, no fruit, and sweet! A nice little treat… Think I had it for afternoon tea on Monday :p)

Hopefully this will all set me up for a nice productive day!

An Out

Got the very tempting reminders that the Uni census date for this semester is this Friday, and if I withdraw from a subject before then I won’t have to pay, nor will they record the withdrawal on my record.


Ali Baba Rapp
‘Rapp’ from Ali Baba

In better news, bootcamp this morning was awesome.

5 rounds of for your fastest time of
– 400m run
– 20 situps
– 10 deadlifts.

Was wiped but pumped by the end (20 mins 49 sec).

What a good way to start the week!

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