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I hate yelling

by Szab√≥ Varga Katalin I hate yelling, being yelled at, and most of all, hate seeing children told off, angrily, for just being kids. It scares me, it makes me want to, or to actually run away, escape someplace “safe”. Outta there. “Getting in trouble” is that feeling. Where I’ve done something wrong, and am…

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Lifeline also does…. Training! #Liptember

Lifeline offers a number of training opportunities including: Domestic Violence Response Training “Read the signs” training aimed at giving you some guidance of helping those around you (and yourself!!) Suicide Prevention Training (locally offered, check with your local Lifeline Corporate Training which includes things like Self Care, Depression Awareness, Stress Awareness and Mental Health Awarenes…

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Happy #Liptember!

Welcome to the month of something-bember! This Semptember, I’m taking part in Liptember to help raise funds for Lifeline and The Centre for Women’s Mental Health. My family and I have quite the history of mental illness and suicide attempts and hospital stays through the generations… It’s not easy to talk about or seek help…

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We all have our own shit to deal with

Which is why, even though I’m dealing with my owns shit, I can deal with hearing yours, empathizing or sympathising. Giving hugs or virtual ones, giving love and comfort and advice. Right now I’m letting too much impact on me of my own shit So I’d rather hear about yours And help you out Be…

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