(Truce and Overdrive)'s Wedding
Photo from overdrive_cz. Used under creative commons.

Last night I had a dream in which I was a bride. All dressed in white, with all the trimmings.

Then I woke up and realised it was just the fever talking :p

Went and threw up (damn gastro) and all was right with the world.


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You know like lap band?


OMG some GPs are tactful.

It was only AFTER that today that she then goes on to “so the quetiapine can cause an increase in appetite. Do you want to see a dietitian? But you know surgery can help reduce your appetite come back and I can give you a referral”


“so why are you on that again? because you shouldn’t be getting in under PBS unless you have Bipolar or Schitzophrenia. They audit you know”


So after THAT I get my repeat contraceptive pill script (you know, after she can’t get a good blood pressure reading because I’m crying after she so tactfully suggests surgery and pops me on the scales. Yah, I know I’m overweight. And I know a lot is recent. So one step at a time. A dietitian would be a good idea, but geez. Bedside manner??)

At least I was bulk billed?


In da way

December 11, 2012 · 0 comments


Trying to navigate ‘the system’. Just waiting to be shut down again. Hating that I’m needing others to help me so much, but so grateful they are. Scared I’ll let them down.

It’s hard pushing to get help you need if you’re convinced that they’re just gonna say no when they find out who you really are.

Think my immune system has had it’s last laugh for the year. Viruses galore.



firmoo free glasses

A free pair of glasses from Firmoo (just pay for postage! I got mine sans postage for a review which will come soon)

Urban Remedy

Three days of juices to try from Urban Remedy from their new spring menu. Will let you know how they go! You can enter to win a three day juice cleanse in my blogiversary giveaway if you wanna give it a go! :) xx

I have a fitness assessment at the gym this afternoon. SO not looking forward to getting on those scales, but needs to happen. Bring it!



Merewether Beach

I didn’t go to the beach today.

Instead, I spent the day between the dining table and the balcony. Nerding away, blowing my nose repeatedly, and continuing to curse that my brain bounces against my skull as I cough and it hurts.

And I also watched some more Puberty Blues.

Yeah, a bit of a guilty pleasure, but it’s not the worst thing on tele at the moment. I think that honour is split between Big Brother and the X Factor.

At least.

And I love iview.

Now, I have to consider serious things, like salary packaging, HECS, tax free thresholds, and billing.


Do I hafta grow up?



  • Getting the contract for the school position emailed through to me. 17 hours/ 2.5 days. I start Monday!
  • Coughing fits.
  • Coughing fits to the point of vomiting
  • Buying icy poles!
  • The sunshine :)
  • These shivers and shakes


Aim is to be better for monday.


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Is the cough productive?

September 3, 2012 · 3 comments

septr2102 057

Today I

  1. Went to the doctor’s. Well, got up at 8am so I could call when they opened. Then went. And got antibiotics. They haven’t made me sick yet! Yay!
  2. Decided to lose 5 kilos. Silly winter and stress and bad eating and lack of exercise. As soon as I can breathe again, I’m joinging a gym
  3. Slept.
  4. Walked. Lost all my breath but it was good

How was yours?



Continue On.

September 2, 2012

I’m not entirey sure how to interpret the message on the post. And my head hurts, and I keep coughing. Coughing fits that remind me of my need to do more kegel exercises and are stopping me eating too much, because coughing to the point of vomiting sucks. Oh and my eyes are goopy. Ew. […]

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My someday has come

Thumbnail image for My someday has come June 16, 2012

Ow ow ow. So sore in the quads and abs and SOMEWHERE in my arms from my first Bootcamp session yesterday morning! Yes. So I’ve started Bootcamp at the same time I’m starting the Up and Running 10k program. Progress, they say. Looks like my running gear is coming to Hobart next week and Canberra […]

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Vaccinate your kids – #stopAVN

May 5, 2012

Stop the Australian Vaccination Network. Read more of them on Wikipedia.

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Personal Wellness Diary

September 19, 2011

From today, I’m starting with this Personal Wellness Diary that I was sent by Plus One Mums to assist with my good habits, with the #bloggestloser challenge. It’s got pages for sleep, movement, nutrition, goals, posture and more. Let’s see how I go! It’s fairly big, but fortunately I have a large bag for it […]

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Cold remedies

August 8, 2011

Mandarines are awesome. As is alternating between eucalyptus and aloe vera tissues.

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31 photos in 31 days – 6&7 – Newcastle for the Weekend

August 7, 2011

About to head back to Sydney after a weekend up in Newcastle. A weekend spent with family and friends, eating, drinking… talking and laughing, sniffling away with this damn cold! Day 6 – The ever resourceful Liam, who now knows to drag things over so he can stand/climb on them to get to things. Day […]

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At least I avoided the traffic on the way home?

August 4, 2011

Crashed out last night about 8:30pm, after lots of tissues and cold and flu tablets. Woke up at my alarm this morning, not wanting to move, but it’s only day 4, I ought to go to work and meet with my managers!!! Doped up again on cold and flu tablets, I made it til 12…. […]

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Time Out

January 16, 2011

Here til Friday: (photo from tripadvisor) Looking forward to this and this. See you on the other side :D

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