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Marley Spoon’s Home Delivered Recipe Box

I received a code from a friend to try the Marley Spoon recipe box free for a week

Marley Spoon chilli pork ramen

As a semi-retired food blogger, I’m a sucker for trying any new foods, especially for free. So when Lala offered me a code for a free trial meal box from Marley Spoon, duh I said yes.

Chicken cous cous with preserved lemon marley spoon

As you’ve seen before, I’ve had many boxes from Hello Fresh in the past (Get $50 off your first Hello fresh order with the code R3CDUQ), with some great meal ideas filtering through to my general rotations, but loving the convenience of not having to think about what to make a few nights a week. It’s the same deal with Marley Spoon boxes, choose how many people it’s for, how many nights. but you get more choice over which actual meals are included in your box from the cluster of suggestions based off your meal preferences. So I got to choose my three recipes this week from a range of vegetarian, meat, carb heavy or low and so on.

Chicken cous cous with preserved lemon

I’ll have to say all three meals were wonderful. Like Hello Fresh, the serving sizes are a little big for us, so the 2-person boxes always work out to three serves, and I’ve now learned to plate accordingly so there’s a third plate ready for someone’s lunch the next day.

evans and tate shiraz margaret river

chopping herbs

I think the Chicken Cous Cous with preserved lemon was the first time I’ve actually USED preserved lemon, and infusing the water with the lemon pulp before soaking the cous cous (yum!) and then using the softened lemon rind in the resulting tasting fluff. This was REALLY tasty the next day with all the flavours developing in the fridge overnight.

Chilli pork Ramen

Nigh two we made the chilli pork ramen which, despite me deciding to mistakenly put in ALL THE GARLIC CHILLI PASTE, was amazingly tasy. It burned, how it burned my wussy palate, but the flavours, the miso in the broth and the sweet juicy pop of the corn kernels was n amazing combination.

burghel beef

The third meal was where I needed a little more equipment in my kitchen to get it “right”. A mortar and pestle or a stick blender would have made the pest much easier to make, but as you see further up, we persisted with the snippers until the herbs are at a good paste consistency to leave us eating a third, flavourful meal. Very filling yet again, and a great reminder that a few herbs go a long way!

I loved the flexibility of picking the three meals you got from their weekly menu. Apparently they also do a fruit box, have you tried it?

Food Porn (Things I ate recently, in Lieu of a real post)

greek yoghurt with choc muesli and berries

Aldi Greek youghurt and frozen berries with Monster choc-lish muesli.

monster schocolish muesli

A really subtle sprinkling of dark chocolate in this (gifted) muesli, along with the usual seeds, oats and sultanas :) I’m been rekindling my muesli and greek yoghurt love with this!

fish and salad\

Various types of fish and salads.

Workers club callamari

$10 calamari from the Toronto Workers Club.

maccas lamb wrap for good friday

Maccas. On Good Friday.

garlic chili prawns

Garlic chili prawns :)

schnitty with mushroom sauce

Chicken schnitzel from The Meat Shed in Toronto with mushroom sauce.

hello fresh feta stuffed chicken breast

Feta and spinach stuffed chicken breast from my Hello Fresh. I actually have a few free intro boxes to gift to whoever wants them….. get in touch?

halls valley shiraz

All washed down with this Halls Valley Shiraz that I got for a steal!

I also have a freezer full of Lite n Easy mini meals, perfect for nights I come home at 10pm and can’t face cooking and know that toast isn’t always the answer.

I hope you’re eating well!

Latest Hello Fresh Meals

Had some money sitting in my PayPal so thought I’d spend it on some healthy Hello Fresh meals. Use my code R3CDUQ to get $35 off your first order!

Oven Baked Ocean Trout

Oven Baked Ocean Trout with fennel and lemon

Za’atar Chicken Bowl

Za’atar Chicken Bowl

Chorizo with Spanish Chickpeas

Chorizo and Chick Pea

Vietnamese Pork Salad

Vietnamese Pork Noodle Salad

Steak with Field Mushroom & Purple Fries

Steak with the biggest mushroom in the world and purple sweet potato fries.

Some recent Food Porns

Bahn Mi

Newcastle seems to be slowly embracing the Vietnamese Pork Roll, aka Bahn Mi, and this yummy one above is from the Cardiff Bakehouse in the main street of Cardiff – fresh crusty rolls and tangy soy make it divine for $6. They also do a Mega Egg and Bacon Roll for $5.50 with two eggs and heaps of bacon to keep the tradies happy!

Scrambled Breakfast - Belmont 16ft sailing club

Breakfast Bruscetta Custom Espresso

I’ve had a few breakfasts out lately, and these two were great – the scrambled breakfast at the top from Belmont 16ft sailing club and the Breakfast Brucetta from Custom Espresso Speers Point (sans eggs).

Noodle soup


Back on the Hello Fresh boxes recently, with a number of Asian recipes like the udon noodle soups to keep my nose running, and the pizza to keep to vege count up! You can still get $35 off your first box by using my referral code R3CDUQ :D

Mezza - Badde Manors

And also on the veges – this Mezze Platter from Badde Manors in Glebe :)

Had anything pretty to eat today?

Time for another Challenge – #ShakeCreative – #Made

So, In addition to doing Liptember (sponsor me?), September also brings us the first Creative Challenge from the loverly ladies at The Shake.

Today’s prompt is “Made”… so here is the dinner that I made :p


Shepherd’s Pie!!! (from last week’s Hello Fresh box)


And today’s Liptember efforts. I’m so tough!
(Thanks Phil for being my first sponsor! I’ll save ya a kiss!)

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