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Machine Laundry Cafe, Salamanca Square Hobart

Hobar2012 772

Breakfast on Thursday morning in Hobart was at the Machine Laundry cafe, a retro, coin laundry cum hipster cafe in Salamanca Square.

Hobar2012 766

Hobar2012 771

Rish had the spiced pumpkin, ricotta and butterscotch hotcakes, while I went for some semidried tomato risotto cakes.

Hobar2012 767

Hobar2012 763

Fruit frappe, $6

Hobar2012 783

Machine Laundry Cafe
12 Salamanca Square
Hobart 7000 TAS

Click ‘play’ on the video below for the cutest animation for Lisa Mitchell’s Coin Laundry! HiiCactus has some other cute ones too :)

Mezethes Greek Taverna, Salamanca Square, Hobart

Hobar2012 673

For “restaurant night” at the SPA conference, I chopped and changed my booking a few times, til I ended up at Mezethes Greek Taverna chattering and sharing a platter with some of my favourite speechies. <3 Hobar2012 671

A group of 5 of us hit up the $40 a head seafood banquet, with some next to going to meat version.

Hobar2012 675

Of course, I snacked on a little from both ;)

Hobar2012 676

Shame they wouldn’t let us split the bill as promised.

Hobar2012 667Hobar2012 674

Hobar2012 669

But otherwise a great night had by all!

Hobar2012 668

Hobar2012 664Hobar2012 677

Chado – The way of tea, Hobart

On the back of a huge recommendation from Kim, Rish and I went for tea and lunch at Chado in Hobart.

Hobar2012 713

A simple affair, a Japanese set lunch, we chose the tofu over the chicken, and herbal/blended teas.

Hobar2012 711

My tea was a simple but delightful chrysanthemum and goji tisane, with Rish going a black tea with lychee.

Hobar2012 708

Set us back $42 for the two teas and two lunch sets.

Chado, the way of tea
134 Elizabeth Street, Hobart, TAS.
(03) 6231 6411

The food of the 2012 Speech Pathology Australia Conference, Hotel Grand Chancellor, Hobart #spaconf2012

Hobar2012 565 - Copy

So, I will be writing up the actual content of the Speech Pathology conference over at Speech n Stuff, but you came here for the food, right? Yes, I know you well ;)

Hobar2012 571 - Copy

There’s always a risk at conferences, that it could be repetitive, day in day out, or perhaps the risk of the Melbourne conference, when I had two fruit plates and a leafy salad to live off for a day. But the catering crew at the Hotel Grand Chancellor Hobart won.

Hobar2012 572 - Copy

I share with you the gluten free offerings for the week.

Hobar2012 573 - Copy

Noms all around.

Hobar2012 595 - Copy

Hobar2012 615 - Copy

Hobar2012 634 - Copy

Hobar2012 635

Hobar2012 637

Hobar2012 646

Hobar2012 562 - Copy

Hobar2012 638

Hobart Hostel, Barrack Street

I’d originally booked to stay at the Hobart Hostel on Barrack Street in the girl’s dorm, but when Rish decided to join me in Hobart, we changed to a private Queen room. This was with an en suite, for $287 for four nights through wotif.com.

Hobar2012 741

Hobar2012 742

Kim (my Hobart guide and awesomeness person) tells me she used to see bands and drink in this building when it used to be a pub.

Hobar2012 739

Hobar2012 468 - Copy

The room had a little heater, which kept us very warm. There were a couple of niggles with the toilet keeping running, but not the end of the world! The bed was comfy, the shower HOT, we got new towels each day and Rish hooked into the wifi in the common room. Super friendly owners, and a huge pub kitchen if you chose to cook for yourself!

Hobar2012 740

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