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Interior Changes To Wake Up Your Kitchen

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The kitchen is often the heart of any home, and it will be the room that every family member heads to before they leave the house in the morning, and when they arrive home after a busy day. Therefore, your kitchen space needs to provide the best of both worlds and be a functional space with plenty of interior design charm. Any room that has a lot of foot traffic, and daily use, is likely to suffer a little (or a lot) wear and tear over time. Kitchen spaces can become run down and look tired, making them an uninviting environment for you and your family. Sometimes, kitchens are the last interior challenge you want to tackle because they may seem like a mammoth renovation. However, with a few decisive changes, you can freshen up the space, making it look as good as new.

There’s no need to start tearing out cupboards and knocking down walls; you just need a weekend or so, some help from your loved ones (offer to cook them dinner when it’s finished), and some great ideas. Therefore it’s time to write your list, get to your local DIY or hardware store, contact the right companies for specialist jobs, and roll up those sleeves to create the perfect kitchen in your home. Take a look at some ideas for your kitchen interior and create a space that you can’t wait to get back into, whether it’s to cook, relax, or catch up with those you love over great food.

kitchen bench wine glass flowers

Tired Tiles

It’s often the tiles that are the first to go in a kitchen or bathroom environment; sometimes, it’s impossible to make the grout look clean and fresh, and chips, cracks, and stains create a tired and unpleasant interior. Therefore it’s worth investing in new tiles or replacing them with a glass splashback behind your sink and countertops. Companies like Art Form Living will give you plenty of inspiration, and you’ll be able to discover the colours and areas you can fill. You won’t have to worry about tired looking tiles anymore, and your kitchen interior will be given an instant boost.

Old Cupboards

Replacing every kitchen cupboard can be expensive and time-consuming; therefore, it could be time to give them a facelift with a fresh coat of paint and some new handles. Painting tired and dark cabinets with a light colour will instantly make the space look bigger, and your kitchen will feel new. You can add designer touches by sourcing unique knobs or handles, and visitors will be asking when you had the refit done. Take a look at sites like Pinterest and get some inspiration and ideas on how to update those old looking doors.

Character, Colour, And Fun

Even though kitchens are primarily functional spaces to cook and store items; you can still add plenty of personality and fun. An interior with your favourite fresh flowers, a shelf with some vintage kitchen items or personal touches, or neat jars proudly on display, will never look neglected. Therefore, it’s worth thinking about what you can display and where to add the finishing touches to your dream culinary environment.

Home Renovations That Pay Off

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How often do you look at your home and see the improvements that can be made to it? When you have a house, it is a constant work in progress as you think up new ways that you can make the most of it. However, before you start knocking down any walls, there is another essential consideration to think about; whether or not what you are doing will add value to your property. Sure, you may not think that you want to sell your place now, but how about in the future?

painting interior and a cute puppy

So, in this article, we are going to be looking at popular home renovations that add value to your property. While there are some that you can take care of yourself, others may require the support of professional home renovation builders like Stella Design & Construction. Once you have finished reading, hopefully, you can prioritise which job you would like to complete next.

Extra Insulation

While you may think that adding a new kitchen or bathroom is the home renovation that will give you the best return on your investment, in fact, it is adding attic insulation. It has been estimated that this relatively low-cost job will recoup over 100% of your spend when you go on to sell your house! Ultimately, it is a great investment regardless of whether you plan to sell or not as it will help to bring your heating bills down.

New Garage Door

Again, it may seem like a relatively small thing, but getting a new garage door can seriously improve the overall image and impression of your home. It should fit in with the overall look and style of your home, as well as providing convenience – which you get the most from an electric door. While we are on the subject of doors, your front door also plays a major role in how your house looks from the outside. You would be surprised by just how far a lick of paint will go! Finish off the job with a shiny new house number and letterbox for added effect.

Better Garden Landscaping

There is plenty that you can do to your outdoor space to improve its look and style. Essentially, landscaping involves properly dividing your garden up into zones. It is common to have a decked or patioed area where you can entertain guests, and separate sections which feature plants, flowers and vegetables. If you are in the process of trying to sell your property, you could opt for some ‘quick fixes’ such as adding some potted plants, hanging baskets etc.

Kitchen Remodel


And now we come onto a classic home renovation, but one that is still effectively nevertheless – a total kitchen remodel. After all, this is the room that is commonly known as the heart of the home, as well as the space which features the highest number of appliances that can be upgraded. In fact, even if you don’t want to go for a complete overhaul of your current kitchen, you can make everything look a lot better simply by refacing the cabinets or updating the finishes. If you are going to replace everything, make sure that you opt for appliances that are energy-efficient so that you save money on your monthly bills.

Bathroom Improvements

If it is not the kitchen, the other commonly renovated room of the house is the bathroom. Again, you can go down the path of an overall remodel or you can make some simple improvements that improve the look and functionality. For example, a replacement of features like the vanity and lighting can dramatically improve the appearance of your bathroom. If you are going for a total transformation, make sure that you hire someone who knows what they are doing and you also need to have a clear timeframe in mind to ensure that the job doesn’t drag out for an extended period of time.

New Windows

There are numerous advantages to be enjoyed from replacing the windows in your home. First of all, you can seriously improve the look of your home both outside and in. Secondly, you can also improve the energy efficiency by getting double glazing. Last but not least, you can also enhance your home resale prospects. If your main reason is the latter, it is worth bearing in mind that vinyl replacement windows are likely to give you a bigger return on your investment compared to wood windows.

Increased Square Footage

There are a couple of different ways that you can increase the square footage of your home. Perhaps you could look to utilise the space that you already have by utilising a basement, attic or garage. Otherwise, you could add an extension onto your property. Obviously, either one of these jobs is going to involve a lot of work and a big budget, so you need to carefully consider what you are going to use the space for. An extra bedroom, office, games room or home gym are just a few of the popular possibilities.

Install Appliances with Better Energy Efficiency

Just like with the insulation improvement that we mentioned at the start of the article, there are dual benefits involved in upgrading to high-efficiency appliances, water heaters and furnaces. As well as making the home seem more attractive to potential buyers, you are also reducing your current cost of living by bringing your bills down. There may even be some tax incentives involved – particularly if you utilise renewable energy sources.

Interior Paint

paint swatches

The final home renovation that we are going to discuss is also the cheapest and easiest – a simple lick of paint. You can totally transform the look of any one of the rooms of your house, and you can do so over the course of a weekend!

So, there you have just a few home renovations that really pay off – both in terms of improving your current living situation and adding value to your property should you ever decide to sell in the future.

Bring Your Kitchen Back To The Future

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We all want a home that is up to date and still in style years after we bought it. To do this, you need to make sure that you are upgrading and renovating rooms like the kitchen. If you don’t look after spaces like this, they will quickly fall out of style and you won’t even want to spend time in them. You’ll find yourself ordering takeout more often rather than taking the time to cook in a kitchen when the out of date interior design work makes you depressed. But that’s all about to change because we’re going to look at a few examples of modern kitchens and the changes you can make to take yours back to the future of style.

Light It Up

Styled to Stun

There are so many fantastic modern style ideas on display in the picture above we’re not sure where to begin. Though for now, let’s focus on how the lighting has been used to make the room stand out. Look at the lights above the countertop in the centre of the room. These are being used to create an industrial aesthetic that fits into the minimalist theme of this space. You can see that it is complemented beautifully by the bare brick wall at the back.

In another area, you’ll spot that the extractor fan, a necessary part of any kitchen, has been dressed up with curved lights around it that make it less of a practicality and more of a design feature. Even the lights on the shelf below seem to give the room a little more character and colour, drawing attention to a unique design feature.

Minimise The Storage

Using your windows

Every great kitchen needs storage space. Otherwise, your room is going to look like a cluttered mess. You can see here how the storage style has been used to clash with the bright shade of the wall in a dazzling way. As well as this, look at how these custom kitchen cabinets are created to be minimalistic. Your eye is instead drawn away to the bright colour and indeed the windows.

You might also notice that this particular room doesn’t have that much lighting and that’s certainly by design. With such a large window space, why would you need to fill the room with bulbs? This is an example of how you can use the design and layout of the room to your advantage decorating.

Looking Ultra Expensive

Wont cost as much as you think

Yes modern kitchen designs can look a tad expensive, can’t they? But they’re not really. You might have spotted that marble style wall in the picture. But we would bet good money that’s not marble but rather a marble wall covering that has more in common with wallpaper than the actual material itself. Still, it doesn’t change the fact that it looks stylish, modern and could be a perfect way to bring your own kitchen up to standards.

We hope you have fun using these possibilities to style your kitchen to stun in the modern age.

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