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Oh, Hello there, #Liptember!

So, as we know, September is awesome.


It brings Spring, and flowers, and blossoms and fairies.

But not everyone is in that good of a place all the time.

We have our moments. Whether we rage, or cry, or just dissolve.

Some people have worse moments. And need outside help.


One of the ways to get that is through Lifeline. Lifeline is a charity that provides some telephone counselling services for those at crisis or suicide point. They also have an online option for those needed to talk things out through chat.

So, they need money

One way is through Liptember – an excuse for girl who are a little loopy like me to pucker up in all sorts of colours to talk people into helping this important service.

I have some lippies…


If you wanna sponsor me … my link is

I promise a kiss to all who do (virtual or IRL)!


Lifeline also does…. Training! #Liptember

Lifeline offers a number of training opportunities including:

Below is my last few sexay liptember poses. Hot enough to Donate for? ;)




Lifeline also does ONLINE crisis chat: 8pm-4am #Liptember

Day Two Liptember
Day Two. Lippy Matches the fringing on my blankie. It’s wet out there!!! *snuggles up*

So, we all know that Lifeline has their telephone crisis support line13 11 14 – but did you know they are have an ONLINE crisis chat, which is available from 8pm-4am 7 days a week? (AEST)

There are a few questions they are to make sure that it’s okay for you to go the chat route, and then you have someone to chat to you, and “listen” to you.

Of course, if you are in immediate danger, calling 000 Triple-0 is always the best idea,


Oh and, I’m told I remind Kim more of the Sesame Street Aliens today than a lion..

yip yip yip

(sponsor me for Liptember?)

Edit @ 7pm – It is possible the online chat is more helpful for aliens, because, you know, BROING!

Are you okay? (2. One month. It’s not right)

I just found out about the second suicide of an acquaintance in the space of about a month.

it’s not right.

By all accounts, they should be happy successful you people.

But that Black Dog just keeps coming back.

At work, I’ve bought RUOK DAY cups and have sent emails to raise awareness.

I sent an email.

Talking about my colleague in Canberra who took her life last month.

That i KNOW that, while you might brush off an offer for help initially, it’s nice to know that people are there. For when you ARE ready for support and help.


Check in with friends and family.

And workmates.

Don’t just keep it superficial.

Let them know you’re there.

Even if it’s not the “right” time.

It opens a door.


Take care of each other. – 13 11 14

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