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Pretty in…. Purple

This post has been written in conjunction with ghd


So, I like purple. Always have. I remember I had a cardigan once my Aunty knitted me. It was purple, and warm, and I wore it everywhere. :) When I got to choose the colours for my room, I went for lilac. I was stoked when the bouquets for my sister’s wedding had purple ribbons. It goes on.

There’s a lot less purple in my wardrobe these days, but I still have a bunch in the accessories department (gotta have some sparkle in my mostly grey and black clothing! You’d think I lived in Melbourne or something.) Like the Butterfly clip above.

Purple tights

Many pairs of purple tights have been in my life.

Hello Kitty Pants!

And of course Hello Kitty AND Purple? I’m in!

But it was 25% off!

Or this favourite lingerie set of mine, Pleasure State :)

Purple Glittle Jesus

And there was that short lived affair with the Purple Glitter Jesus Moneybox. (JESUS SAVES!!!!) How is he going, Hannah?

So, if I was to get a ghd to replace my old hair straightener, it would HAVE to be purple. Like the Purple Peacock above. Then I’d KNOW it was mine ;)

What’s your go to colour??

31 photos in 31 days - new pink and purple doona cover

No Deterrent

While we’re on YouTube clips… I don’t think this Agent Provocateur clip would discourage Rish, or many people for that matter, from ‘forgetting’ Valentine’s Day…

I don’t need Agent Provocateur, a good Valentine’s gift for me would be being able to shop for my own lingerie. I get enough pleasure from that! I’m not a shoes and bags girl. I have way more lingerie.The thrill of the hunt.

Evactuation? But it's my day off!

All I wanted to do was to get a cheap hair cut from Just Cuts, so went on down to Westfield at Woden this morning to do that… but nooooooo… we had to be evacuated (4th time for me in 2 weeks) due to a fire in a candle store (Dusk). At least there were fire men?

Evactuation today at westfield

I did move on after that… haven’t had a hair cut, but am sitting here with red purple dye on my head, hair, shoulders… and had it on my nose. And I managed to buy shoes… and lingerie… in my size :) I was aiming for w new white bra, but I came home with a blue and a green… Sometimes it just goes like that *grins*

Sale Shopped

I have some awesomely cheeky new lingerie – little white sailor bra and undies. There’s a little anchor on the front. No, no action shots (unless you ask nicely and privately ;) or bribe me with chocolate *giggles*) These would have really been good for the party the other week.

And I have yet another bra size in my collection. Now have a 14B. This cup is definately small, so is probably a true 14A. Glad I tried it on though. Sizing is useless. Tried on a corset too… fit nicely, but my breasts kinda disappeared into it… So, no luck on that front today.

Started to look for new runners… nothing that was on special grabbed me (or were in my size) , so I’ll probably head to Woden tomorrow to look at the stores there. I’m happy to not buy on sale, but if there’s something half price just because it’s last season’s colours, I don’t think it matters too much for running in!

I did the 14 minutes I promised Rish I’d do yesterday. Nothing today, but did other machines at the gym, but he promises me we’ll run around the lake tomorrow, and he’ll push me, I can count on it!

Right now I’m trying to decide if I can be bothered dying my hair. I have inch-long roots, which became apparent because I finally washed my hair. It’s hard to bring myself to do that at 3 degrees!

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