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There are postpositions? I must have blocked that out in undergrad!

Only procrastinated getting started on uni things for a couple of days…. just doing my Syntax readings now, thinking that I should have memories of a lot of this (and I do) but seriously there are things that I draw a complete blank on. Like clitics? Or postpositions (which makes sense but I didn’t realise that had their own name. Mind. Blown! :p

Now to procrastinate the Second language acquisition reading. That textbook (the green one in the last post) is huge!




Once upon a time, between 10 and 14 years ago, in an accelerated maths class in a distant land known as Newcastle, the students were playing anagrams on the board. It must have been after an exam.

Binable!, Brian insists. “It’s a word. I can put something in the bin, so it’s Bin-able. Like other -able words.”

If I recall correctly there were many groans, and wouldn’t be surprised if things were thrown.

Throwable things, of course.

More on Colours

I loved these pictures over on the xkcd blog today

colour map

Might actually be quite a useful resource for the design nerds out there, whereas I’m probably looking at it more linguistically, with flashbacks to a lecturer saying “some languages only have x number of colour names” (might have been 2 or 3) and me being weirded out.

Now, I ask again… What’s your favourite colour??

(I have a headache, a glass of red (yes , red, the dark stripe) wine, and no desire to do uni work tonight, having submitted a 35% assignment at 10pm yesterday, and another due on the weekend of the 15th.)

Smells like Books

The ANU library babysat me last night after my Japanese class, which waiting for Rish. Wandering through, deciding to go in search of something to read. Past the economics texts, and the ones on the economy before the black death…

Into the over sized books, and into the linguistics section.

Skimming through Middle English dictionaries, something on phonetics, texts on teaching English as a second language, and a dictionary of the slang of UCLA.

Could have left me there for hours. No wonder a Linguistics postgrad is becoming more appealing. Nerd :)

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