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Easter Long Weekend, Newcastle


Ahh, long weekends. Not too much traffic on the drive up, got stuck a bit on the Central Coast on the F3 on the way back, but not too bad overall. Extra thousand ks on the car, but time well spent to catch up with family and friends, even though this easter was sans chocolate for me, which I think cut down the amount others around me had!

New Mural

Gorgeous weather for walks and a run

Civic Park Fountain


Gourmet Goose cafe, Hamilton
A very strong, but nice, latte from the Gourmet Goose, Hamilton

Black Carrot
Black Carrot in the stir fry veges

dt cafe Toronto
Coffee with Mum at dt cafe, Toronto

dt cafe Toronto
Gluten Free almond biscuit at dt cafe

dt cafe Toronto
Devonshire tea for Mum at dt cafe, Toronto

And, of course, hanging out with my nephew! :D

Looking forward to heading up again for the Queen’s Birthday long weekend :)

How often do you get to see family?

Mutterings around Easter

Have had a wonderful easter weekend – sleeping in, cleaning the house, snuggling with Rish, reading up on to reasons atheism makes sense (finally started The God Delusion after having it sitting there for probably a couple of years since Rish first bought it – felt that easter time was a good as time as any!) :) As every long weekend should be, hey? Unfortunately, I spent some of the time with a headache that wouldn’t go away and a stomach that just wasn’t happy. Oh well. Going to Laksa for lunch today, then probably gym this afternoon and a relaxing evening before having tor remember that I do have to go to work in the morning.

I hope you had a good long weekend!


  1. Animal :: liberation
  2. Temporary :: insanity
  3. Moan :: with pleasure :)
  4. Rapid :: eye movement
  5. That’s for me to say :: and for you to think about
  6. City :: slickers
  7. Bumper :: harvest
  8. Eclipse :: of the heart
  9. Problematic :: trouble
  10. If? :: Else?

Rainy weekend

So often I come home from long weekends rather tired, and so not ready to face the working week again.

I think it has alot to do with the travel. Even though Rish is often the one to do the driving, I still get tired travelling, have a hard time sleeping in the car, always still watching the road. But that’s my problem, hey? :p

We got to the beach, even if it was Monday lunch, and even if we didn’t swim. We still saw beach, I still got enough sunshine to bring out my freckles. :)

Last night I dreamed that I was in a plane crash. I blame it on me completely forgetting to call Rish’s mother to organise our flights over the Greece in July. It looks like I’ll spend a few weeks in Greece, rather than chopping around Europe. Rish will be usy druring the times I was looking at, so I’ll just have to leave him to his work and what he’s meant to be doing while he’s there, and I’ll just have to spend more time in Summery Greece :p Such a shame. Going the start of July – just over 3 months! :)

Off we Hop

4 day lng weekend, so we’re off up to Newcastle with the rest of the traffic to Sydney, bright and early tomorrow morning. Once Rish is out of the shower, I’ll be inspired to pack and get myself off to bed.

Wondering if it’ll be beach weather – there’s been iffy weather up there, and there’s a cold snap due (from 30 doown to a max of maybe 15 tomorrow?) here overnight. Maybe winter will come.

Got a line-up of social events, friends and family to see. Chocolate eating to seriously consider :p

(yet another version of that bunny cartoon I see every year)


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