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Fourteen Years

Another year has gone. That makes 14 years since watching the Xmas lights, getting bitten by mozzies, and curling up together at Brian’s. 14 years. A huge year again this year. Different cities. Awesome highs and hellish lows. Lots to take on, to end. Moving. Growing up (???). Growing together. While apart. Sharing so much.…

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Dr. Marty Klein and I are like *this* – 14 good ways to observe Pornography Awareness week

Ignore the lies and mutterings about porn, let’s get an open discussion going. You should read this post and consider some of his suggestions: * If you use porn, talk about it with your partner. * Thank the clerk in your local convenience store for carrying porn magazines or DVDs. * Thank your local hotel…

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My @RUOKDay post

NINJAS I’ve put myself through a lot this past 2 months. Moved house. Moved cities. Away from my partner of a billion years. In with a housemate. even though I don’t like people that much. A new job. Different social circles. Lost 2 people in my circles to suicide. No wonder I’m a little stressed…

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To write LOVE on her arms

What is To Write Love On Her Arms? To Write Love On Her Arms (TWLOHA for short) is a movement dedicated to helping the fight against depression, addiction, self-harm and suicide. We are non-profit, non-commercial and non-religious. TWLOHA is people helping people, nothing more and nothing less. What do I have to do? Quite simply;…

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